29 Sep 2016

The next morning I woke up feeling quite satisfied with the events of the previous day and was surprised to find that I was really looking forward to seeing Edmundo again later in the day. Bit curious still about his three sons though. I had a lazy morning at the pool then did some shopping in St Lawrence Gap where I was staying. After lunch I got myself ready for the afternoons adventure. I had a long shower and shaved my pussy again so that it was lovely and smooth and put on the same revealing bikini I had worn for Edmundo the day before.

I was down on the beach early and was surprised to see Edmundo already there waiting for me. Very keen I thought! He gave me a big hug and a long, lingering sloppy kiss, tongues doing gymnastics with each other. then we were off up the coast again. It was a bit of a repeat of yesterdays journey with Edmundo quietly exploring my body with his erection firmly between my buttocks! We were soon there and yet again he lifted me off the ski and carried me into the shack. There I was met by three tall, slim and very handsome young men. "Stacey, meet my three lovely sons. Nat is the eldest and is 20, Isaac is second and he is 18 and Joshua is the youngest and is only 16. Boys, say hello to my beautiful friend Stacey" The boys were all so well mannered. They all approached me and shook me by the hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was beginning to think that this was going to all very innocent until Edmundo spoke again. " Right boys, we all know why we are here. We are going to give Stacey a good time this afternoon, an afternoon she will never forget. You are all going to fuck her brains out!! Now, you will treat her with respect at all times, no bad language and if she says no you will respect that."

He turned to me and very deftly removed my bikini top exposing my firm breasts to his son's view and then he pulled of my bikini bottoms, leaving me completely naked in front of them. He turned me round so that they could see my firm round bottom and then turned me back again. He nodded to the boys and they all removed their baggy shorts. It was obvious from the state of their cocks that they all liked what they saw!!! Erections all round! They were all very well endowed, but it was Joshua, the youngest who had the biggest cock. Not quite as big as his father's, but not far off it. The other two boys had cocks about 7 inches I would reckon. I went over to them and began to feel each cock in turn and then knelt down in front of them and took each cock in turn in my mouth and gave them all a quick suck. They all tasted lovely but what really impressed me was just how hard they all were. It was like handling rods of iron. I had forgotten just how hard teenagers can get! I then took more time to give each of the boys a long hard blow job while gently wanking the other two cocks. I suppose that because of his tender age Joshua got more excited than the other two and rewarded me with a huge mouthful of creamy sperm very quickly. But amazingly he didn't go soft.

They were all now feeling my breasts and exploring my bottom and , by now, my very wet cunt. Nat was the first to get between my legs and started to lick my cunt. He wasn't as good as his father but he soon had me panting and I couldn't concentrate on sucking Isaac's cock. Joshua was behind me and he was playing with my bum hole and he spread my buttocks apart and began to lick it. It felt great. One son licking my cunt and one licking my arse. Then he started to finger my hole and managed to get one finger in. I have always had a sensitive bum and this felt absolutely fantastic. I was in no doubt that I would have a cock or three up there sometime during the afternoon.

They then laid me down on the bed and the exploration of my body continued. Edmundo meantime just stood and watched. He was leaving it all to his sons. Issac was the first to get between my legs and try and insert his cock into my willing pussy. He was very gentle but very eager so it wasn't long before he pounding into me like a steam hammer! It was great and I could feel a mighty orgasm building, and then it hit me! It completely took my breath away and poor Isaac got a fright, thinking he had killed me as i stopped breathing! Wow, it was quite something. It wasn't long before he shot his load deep inside me and he rolled off me leaving my vagina gaping and sperm leaking from it. Nat was very quick to take his place and he was just as eager and enthusiastic! He didn't last long either! Then it was young Joshua's turn. Boy, was he good! Because he had cum so recently he was going to last and long time and he did! What he lacked in technique he more than made up for with his enthusiasm and energy. By the time he was finished I was like washed out rag after orgasm after orgasm.

They turned me over and put a pillow under my tummy so I knew that it was my bum than was going to get the attention now. I had had anal sex before but not very often.They lubricated my hole with juices from my cunt and as he was slightly smaller than the other two it was Isaac who went first. He was very gentle and went in very slowly. i have to admit that it was a bit sore feeling this iron rod going into my bum but soon the pleasure took over and when he was firmly embedded in my bum it felt great and when he began to pump in and out I was in a delirium! Nat when next and finally lovely Joshua.

For the next two hours they took turns at fucking me. Oh, the energy of youth. I was lost in a world of cum and orgasms. My body was bathed in sweat and covered in cum. Eventually Edmundo stepped in and said " Right boys, I can see that Stacey is getting tired, why don't you give her one last experience. Why don't you make her airtight!" I had heard the expression before and knew what it meant. I felt a frisson of excitement but also of apprehension. I had never been DPd before and wasn't sure I could handle it, but the boys had been so gentle with me I just thought, what the hell. Now Edmundo was taking charge. "Right Joshua, you lie down on the bed, you can have her cunt!" So he lay down and I climbed on top of him and inserted his cock into my fanny. "Right, Nat you can take her bum" So Nat crouched behind me and I could feel his cock sliding into my bum. The feeling of having both holes filled at the same time was something I will never forget. " Isaac, you take her mouth" Isaac moved beside me and shoved his hard cock into my mouth. "Right boys, fuck her!!" And they did!! I don't know if they had done this before but they worked together in unison leaving me a tingling wreck!! All too soon it was over as they all shot their loads and we all fell apart.

Edmundo came over with a towel and wiped me down and told the boys it was time they went home. They all came and gave me a hug and told me how much they had enjoyed me. I was quite touched and without thinking asked them if they had any cousins. We have six they told me, they would love you too. Why don't we all meet up at Oistens on Friday night, Oistens being a great party place every Friday. Edmundo said " That's a great idea, lets make it a date"

After the boys had gone Edmundo said " I'm not going to fuck you today, I'm going to make love to you!" And for the next hour he did. By the time he got me back to the hotel I could hardly walk i felt so weak.

Friday night, what was I letting myself in for??