30 Sep 2016

I woke up the next morning and lay in bed thinking about the events of the previous day and wondering about what might happen on Friday night at Oistens. I have fucked lots of guys over the years and have been very active in bed but I have never been involved in a group sex situation. It has always just been one on one...excuse the pun!! The more I thought about yesterday, particularly young Joshua, the 16 year old, the hornier I felt and couldn't resist playing with myself. Wish I'd brought my rabbit!! I had two days to decide whether to go to Oistens or back out. I knew that if I went I'd have a group of randy teenagers dying to fuck my arse off, literally!! Would I be able to handle it? Oh dear, I'm not sure.

I spent the day down by the pool, fending off lots of attention from the staff who I'm sure were dying to get into my knickers. I had had so much sex the day before I wasn't interested. Edmundo called me later in the day to check that I was ok and to see if I was still up for Friday night. I told him my apprehension but he told me not to worry as he would be there and the same rules as yesterday would apply. I said I would go and he told me he would pick me up about 8.00pm Bajan time. Bajan meaning Barbadian and the time bit meant any time!

On the Friday I got myself all spruced up for my special evening. Had my hair done, blonde and quite curly now, shaved my pubes again and just generally relaxed. I got ready about 7 and went to the bar for a drink, I was wearing a loose fitting tee shirt, with no bra, which I don't need anyway and a pair of skimpy shorts which showed off the lower part of my bum cheeks. And no knickers!! Pair of sparkly sandles completed my outfit for the evening. It was still very hot so I was dressed no different from lots of other girls, perhaps apart from the lack of underwear!!

Edmundo picked me up just after 8 and we headed for Oistens. He had his hand on my bare leg all the way and occasionally rubbed my pussy through my shorts! Oistens is a fabulous party place. Lots and lots of stall selling local food, booze and bands playing Calypso, Reggae , whatever. A great atmosphere. I saw the three boys in the distance and gave them a wave. When we got to them they were with six other young guys, all cousins and one friend. ten potential lovers in all!! I was introduced to them all but their names went over my head apart from one. They were all very handsome, mainly very slim and very friendly. Their ages ranged from 16 up to 24. Most of them being in the 16 to 18 range though. The 24 yer old was called Mike and was pretty full of himself and pretty cocky. He latched on to me very quickly and almost kept me away from the others.

We had something to eat and a few drinks. I was sitting in a shaded area with Mike on one side and one of the other boys on the other and at one point Mike put his arm round me and cupped my breast and gave it a squeeze. Then I felt his other hand on my groin trying to get under the waist band of my shorts. I suppose I was starting to feel pretty horny by then so I obligingly parted my legs and his hand was in , feeling for my pussy. By now I was very wet so he had no problem getting two fingers into me and was rubbing my clit. He new what he was doing and I had to bite my lip to fend off an orgasm. He pulled out his hand and put his wet fingers into his mouth. "Baby, you taste real sweet. I'm going to enjoy tasting you much more later" He was soon back in my pants and this time he let one of the other boys taste my juices. Whoops and hollers all round.

We soon started dancing and the boys were round me like bees round a honey pot. My breasts were stroked, fondled and squeezed. My bum was treated likewise and my fanny was getting constant attention. Mike asked me for a slow dance and maneuvered me into a fairly dark area. His hands were soon on my tits again and then his attention turned to my bum. He slipped his hand hand down the back of my shorts, thank god for elasticated waist bands, and I could feel him cupping each buttock and squeezing them. Then I felt his fingers slipping between my buttocks searching for my bum hole! He found it and I could feel him probing. " Baby, you got a real sweet ass. Bajan women have big asses" I gave in and parted my legs a bit and it gave him better access and I felt his finger go in up to the knuckle. "Good girl, I'm going to have your sweet little bottom tonight, I promise you!" As we were dancing so close I could feel his erection against my leg. It felt enormous, and I really mean enormous! Perhaps a treat in store!

The dancing and petting went on for a while but eventually we made our way to our final destination, a house only a couple of streets away. It was a nice house but we headed straight for a large bedroom. Me , Edmundo and ten horny young men! I looked round the room and although the lighting was quite subdued I could see a leather swing harness thing hanging from the ceiling and then a large bed. What made me gasp was the fact that the bed was fitted with arm and leg restraints and there was a ball gag and blindfold on the table beside the bed!!!!

Bloody hell, what was I getting myself into????