Written by Willy

16 Sep 2014

Hi not posted for a few years as I thought my swinging days where over since I moved in with a sexy blond in 2005 but recent events have hit me hard as I discovered she's been playing away.

About six months ago we had a big fall out with me leaving for about ten days before she txt me asking to talk things over so we agreed to meet over a few drinks,after which we went back to our home to chat more.

I asked why she had fallen out with me at which she replied she had met up with her ex who swayed her with promises of things beyond my means so she agreed to go with him hence our break up,she said he wined and dined her getting her merry before he took her home and promised her the world before he walked up to where she was sitting grinned at her before he pulled his hard cock our and pushed it towards her mouth gripping her head at the back as he ordered her to suck it she slid her lips over his cock making him groan as he pushed into her mouth hard making her gag as his head hit the back of her mouth,she then said he began to fuck her mouth harder and faster pulling her head onto his cock calling her a slut before he grunted pulled his cock out and shot his load over her face.

She went on telling me he then told her to stand up he turned her around so they where facing the patio doors he moved behind her rubbing his cock against her back she looked at the reflection in the doors it was like a mirror she said at this point she was rampant for cock as he roughly slid one hand onto her tits groping her hard making her hiss while his other hand slid up her legs before he reached her wet pussy forcing her legs to open he forced his fingers inside her dripping cunt as he said to her do you want fucking.

Her words came easy she told me as she was so hot for cock she just said fuck me hard at which he bent her over a chair pulled her skirt up over her hips slid four fingers into her cunt as his thumb slid in between her bum cheeks and into her he finger fucked her hard making her scream in pain as he roughly pushed hard and fast her juices flowed out of her making him ram her harder calling her a cock slut she begged him to fuck her hard as she felt her legs buckle as she came,he then turned her around pushed her back onto the table pulled her legs over his shoulders and rammed into her cunt so hard the table moved she looked at him as he fucked her she said he was foaming at the mouth cursing her calling her a whore for leaving him at which she said yes yes I'm a slut just fuck me harder at this he went into her slapping her cunt hard with his thrusts she said she was to far gone to worry as she felt him explode inside her cunt shooting his spunk into her.

She then told me she closed her legs around his back pulling him into her as she began to grind her cunt against him till she slowly came down as his limp cock slid out of her cunt,she then told me she wanted more so she began to finger her cunt making her fingers slide over her dripping pussy lips she looked at him he began to rub his cock drooling at the mouth watching her play with herself,she said he just grind as he moved towards her she said she wanted more cock but he just slid two fingers into her ass with ease before he quickly moved into her pushing his cock inside her making her scream in pain he just had a grin and fucked her without feeling till he dribbled his spunk inside her.

She lay there in pain he told her she was a good fuck and he wanted more but she had had enough and slowly dressed and left feeling dirty but well fucked.

I asked why she came back to me all she said was she loved me so much it hurt,she looked at me and noticed the bulge in my pants and asked if it turned me on at which I said yes Babe I need to fuck you but she surprised me by saying there was more,I just went silent as she told me while I was out of town on business she had a night out with the girls at a local pub as the night went on she got chatted up and felt sexy she said her pussy craved for a cock the guy took her to the back car park he pushed her against a car and began to french kiss her forcing his tongue deep into her mouth as she felt his body push against her she felt his hard cock rubbing against her she said all she wanted was sex at which he took his cock out forcing her to kneel and take him in her mouth she gave him the best head he had ever had he said as he fucked her mouth she said his cock was a good size like mine as she felt him getting close she stood up still wanking his cock as she leaned back onto the car opening her legs wide as he pulled her panties aside and pushed his cock into her making her moan she said as it felt so good,

He fucked her cunt hard she said making her shoot her cum over him so that it made him pull out and shoot his load down her legs he asked to see her again so she took his number and said she'd ring him.

I asked her have you rung the guy,at this she said no not yet I just went speechless as she said last week again when I was working and again she went out with the girls to Manchester where she got merry and ended up getting chatted up and again went outside to an ally with a guy who duly fucked her against a wall but as he was fucking her she felt a hand slide between them and groped her tits hard she turned to see another guy with his cock out waiting his turn to fuck her,the first guy gripped her cheeks hard pulling her onto his cock making her moan as she felt her cunt explode she said all she could think about was two cocks some thing we have fancied doing in the past but never did with each other,the guy was pounding her hard till she felt him stiffen lifting her off the floor as he grunted cumming inside her cunt,she said she wanted more so the second guy just bent her over and rammed into her she said it felt so good having two cocks again like when we where swingers she said the second guy didn't last long as he said she was to sloppy but he still give her a second load.

I stood there looking at her she smiled and asked if I was horny I just looked down at my cock bursting to get at her pussy lips I just stripped us both and fucked her she talked all the way through in between moans as we are on our holidays next week she asked if it happens will you still love me if I get fucked I just looked and said I'd be taking the picks and fucking you after Babe.