Written by willy

31 Aug 2009

When we started to go to clubs we where both a bit nervous but in time became quit relaxed about enjoying everything about swinging clubs that she would often go solo knowing I would stay in the back ground watching her enjoy herself.

I remember we made arrangments to meet a couple at a club mid week and mid way between our home towns.We sat at the bar chatting to others and having a laugh and joke for about an hour when we noticed most of the crowd had drifted off to the play rooms.

We stayed at the bar and chatted to another couple and the owner and his wife joined us,another hour passed and my Ex said well looks like weve been stood up and giggled with that the owner said it was a greedy girls night and said the other couple with us where regulars so if she wanted to join in feel free ok.

My Ex asked the other woman what it was like and she told her she enjoyed taking cock and would have multipul orgasms with no fear of strangers as the other guys would step in if a guy got to carried away or became to physical.

The other guy said he would take her up and watch the other girls as the fun was well and truly going on as we spoke.

He took her hand and led her up the stairs to the play rooms,his wife looked at me winked took my hand and we soon followed.

When we arrived we stood outside the play rooms looking through big glass panels at the sex scene inside,on one of the gaint beds there was a prity blonde riding hard on a cock while sucking a cock and wanking another,another blonde was taking a cock doggy while she gave head to another guy,on another bed there was a buxom woman on her back giving a tit wank to a guy sitting on her while his mate was eating her cunt as she face fucked him hard.

Th moans and groans and the noise of bodies slapping into each other soon had my cock hard as fuck so I moved behind the other wife and rubbed up against her arse as I slid my hands around her to feel her nice tits,she pushed back into me and groaned that feels good,I then noticed my wife was letting the other guy do the same on the other side of the glass.

Man what a turn on looking through a window at your wife getting her tits groped while his other hand slid up her skirt to finger her making her head fall back onto his shoulder allowing him to bit into her neck bringing a hissing sound from between her teeth,her arm pulled his head as she gripped his hair tight as he finger fucked her clit making her legs open wider as she went on tip toes to lean back into him.

His hand was a blur as it frigged her faster and faster till her mouth opened wide as her orgasm hit her,his wife told me that my wife was having the best finger fuck of her life as her man loved to give a woman a good time,I joked back my wife likes a good time to so we will have quite a good show before we joined them at which she groaned and said lets enjoy the show first then as her hand went between us and onto my cock.

A guy walked over to my wife as she squealed her orders for more,his hands went straight to her tits pulling her basque open to release her tits and hard nipples she pulled his head down to take a nipple in his mouth and he sucked hard on her tit before he roughly changed tits giving the other a good hard suck.

The other guy was now fingering deep inside her pussy then rubbing her juice up over her clit mound and back inside her as far as he could push all his fingers in up to his knuckles,he then began to thrust his hand in and out of her as the guy sucking her tits began to stroke his hard cock and slowly move towards her open thighs and in one move he pushed into her as the other guy moved back to her clit.

She arched her back towards his thrusting cock trying to take more of him inside her dripping pussy,her other hand gripped his head forcing it harder onto her tit making her hiss and squeal as the two men had her.

The first guy let the other guy fuck her while he lost his cloths but it was a horny sight watching my wife fuck a guy while he stood up,his hands gripping her arse cheeks as she banged her cunt hard onto his cock her tit still deep in his mouth as he grunted like a pig as he was coming deep inside her cunt he pulled back and slammed hard into her as he emptied his load into her dripping pussy.

She squealed as the guy froze she needed more so she carried on milking his cock till he was drained,she slowly slid down his body and off his cock giving him a sexy french kiss.

Before her feet touch down the other guy moved in behind her pushing his cock in her from behind making her moans her approval as he began to fuck her juiced up pussy,you could see the sex juices squirt out of her as he thrust into her time and time again.

As she was being taken from behind she had to lean forward as the other guy left them to it but not for long as a couple more guys move over to face and pushed there cocks towards her mouth,she got hold ot there cocks giving each a good mouth job,the guy fucking her was now banging into her arse with every thrust slapping into her balls deep he grawled at her he was coming so she thrust back at his cock taking another full load deep into her cunt.

He fell away from her as she stood up to kiss and thank him,she leaned into him molding her body to his as she rubbed her cunt mound against him as she tongue fucked his mouth.

The two other guys moved into her so she was in a three way grope before they took her and laid her on a gaint bed.She looked so sexy with her legs wide open love juice oozing from her as these two guys lay either side of her kissing her tits anf fingering her pussy till she again began to squirm about as her lust for sex took over her.

Two more guys moved over to her one pushed his cock towards her mouth as the other crawled up between her open legs and just thrust his cock into her cunt making her grunt as he fucked her like an animal but she was fucking loving every slam he gave her,her mouth opened wide to take the other cock sucking him hard as she again began another orgasm,each guy took turns to fuck her coming deep inside her somtimes pulling there cocks out to shoot there loads onto her sweat glisening body till she called time out for a break.

We went over to her panting body on the bed I sat one side the other wife the other side,she looked at me and said that was great sex and she wants more of the same in the future so I kissed her mouth wide and tongued her but I felt her go stiff and looked up only to see the other wifes head deep between my wifes open legs tonguing her puffed up clit gentley flicking her tongue at her clit making it stand up hard like a little cock.

I'll tell you what happened next time as this is a long read now so more to follow ok xx