Written by willy

25 Oct 2008


We had not been married long maybe two years or so when I started to get the urge to watch my wife with another man,I started to test the water by asking her if she would like another man to fuck her while I was shafting her,her mouth said no but the way she thrust her cunt back at me told me she was getting turned on by the idea.

I suppose in a way she knew she would get a good session from me later if she flirted with men in front of me and would some times make sure I saw her getting it on.

One such occasion was at a works Christmas party so I offered to drive as taxi\'s would be hard to get so I just had a couple of shandies all night,It was at a social club with everybody getting pissed up and letting it all hang out so to speak,we knew most people there and did the usual all the best kisses and cuddles with the odd grope thrown in.

As the night went on I am not a dancer but my ex was always a good dancer and would strut her stuff with the best of them but she was like a magnet to horny guys after some sexy fun,anyway as the night got later she was more and more dancing with the same guy who I did not know so when she came over for a drink I noticed she was getting hot by her nipples sticking up through her thin blouse and asked her was she having a good time she replied yes a great time actually as you won\'t dance with me so I\'m with another man OK at which she turned and went back to the dance floor followed by guy.

I noticed she took his hand on the way and put it around her waist as they went into the crowded dance floor so I decided to go for higher ground to look down on them but just the thought of her with another man made my cock stir in my pants.

I watched her let her hair down with him allowing him to hold her close to a smoochy song and noticed his hands slide down to her sexy arse and grope her cheeks pulling her to him with no objections from her as she placed her hands around his neck making her mini skirt ride up.

He moved with her to the dark part of the dance floor but he moved closer to where I was standing in a dark alcove and it was then she looked up at him as he bent to kiss her,she stood on tip toe\'s and her mini rose even more so he slowly pulled her skirt up and slid his hands in the back of her knickers pulling her into him,her thighs parted around his left leg as she ground her cunt into his groin,he broke from the kiss and took her hand as he led her behind a curtain over by the stage.

My cock was now rock hard I had a knot in my stomach my rage rose but my lust for her grew at the thought of her having sex with another man.I moved over to by the curtain hoping to see them,I slowly pulled the curtain open away from the wall just enough to see him leaning against her on the wall rubbing his hands over her tits then pulling her buttons open and push her bra over her tits then bending to suck a hard nipple into his mouth making her moan and hiss,his right hand went lower between her legs then went under her skirt with no resistance from her as she opened her legs to allow him to push his hand into her knickers.

I could just make out his hand start to move as he fingered her cunt lips open sliding over her clit with every thrust of his fingers into her,her mouth open wider as she started to cum,her hands gripped his head pulling him harder onto her tit her legs gave way as the orgasm hit her,her breathing was fast and shallow as she whimpered him not to stop before she gave a long growling groan as she thrust her cunt back at his hand time and time again as she came hard.

He licked up her throat to her mouth before he tongued fucked her,she started to rub his cock though his pants but just as she opened his zip the DJ said thanks for a great evening and a safe journey home just as the lights where turned up,I heard my ex say in panic she had to go so I moved back over to our table just in time to see them slope back onto the dance floor area and go there separate ways.

When she was walking to our table she was stopped on the way by her friends husband who told her his wife had passed out with the drink and could\'nt get a taxi home so she kindly said I would take them home but as there was four of them I would have to come back for her.

Bitch I thought as the other couple lived

a good few miles away and she knew it so a quick return would not be on ? so she thought but they where staying at there friends house which was just a five minute drive,I set off looking in my rear view mirror at my wife standing at the door waving as the guy who gave her a good time came outside,she then followed him as he walked to the rear of the club over to the where the football changing rooms where.

My gut tightened my cock stirred to life as I thought of her with him,as you can guess I put my foot down and was soon on my way back for her,I parked up and went the other way around the club so as not to warn them I was there.

Just as I got to the outbuildings I could hear them talking as he asked her how long I would be but she said not long so lets be quick just keep doing what your doing to make me cum again babe oohhh yes she groaned I\'m starting to cum,I looked around the corner to see her straddled over his face as he lay on his back on a bench licking and tonguing her cunt as she rocked back and to over his mouth,her blouse wide open her hands where pinching her nipples hard she groaned yeahs that so so good.

He was wanking his cock hard so he told her to suck him off while he gave her cunt a good licking,she bent over to lay on top of him into a sixty nine and as soon as she took his cock in her mouth I could not help it I got my cock out and started to wank hard at the sight they made in the moon light.

He pulled her thighs over his arms allowing his head to get his tongue to lick further up her slit onto her arse,she squealed as her butt ground back at him in long grinding strokes her head moved faster up and down his cock till he began to grunt into her fanny he was cumming,she moved her mouth away as she gripped his balls with one hand as her other hand moved up and down his cock in a blur,he gripped her arse cheeks as his face buried itself deep into her cunt lips,the squelching noise coming from her pussy told me she was well into her orgasm as her juice was running from her onto his face.

Her cunt pushed hard into his face as she came but all I could hear from him was a muffled groan as he moaned into her,she pulled his for skin hard down to his balls making his bell end bulge as he shot his cum into her hand her body

still rocked slowly over his face as they both came down to earth.

I was still stroking my cock as I watched her collapse on top of him still whimpering as they both gasped for breath there bodies now still.I heard my wife say she would have to go as I should be back by now but he wanted to fuck her and tried to coax her into letting him but she said some other time OK.

I still had\'nt seen her getting fucked but she came very close that night I tell you,she wiped her face as he tried to get between her legs with his cock but again she said no so he asked if he could see her again,she said maybe I\'ll see you here some time soon OK.I left to get back to the car and waited till she pretended to come from inside the club and walked over to me,I must say my cock was screaming for her cunt all the way home.

As soon as we entered our house I pulled her from behind to me forcing my hands onto her tits as my cock ground into her arse I groaned into her neck I\'ve wanted to fuck you all night babe so as soon as I felt her push back at me I just bent her over on the stairs pulled her skirt up ripped her very wet nickers from her took my aching cock out and pushed into her very juiced up cunt making her grunt as my head slammed against her womb,no finesse as I fucked her hard but the feeling of her cunt juices on my cock made me cum sooner than I liked but man what a feeling it was fucking her knowing she had strayed with another man and her cum juice felt so so good on my aching cock.

We fucked a few times that night with her making the comment I should stay off the booze if it does this to me ? if only she knew that night but instead I told her many years later well after she had been fucked in front of me by many cocks.

Tell you more later OK,