Written by Gemma

29 Feb 2008

I have been fantasising about lesbian sex for months now and have finally done something about it. I told my husband that i was going out with a friend from work for a drink, but instead i went to a lesbian bar in manchester.

I am 30, size 10, 5ft 5 with shoulder length blonde hair, nice figure with 32B boobs. I have been getting so worked up lately thinking about having sex with a girl that i\'ve been looking at porn on the internet and have been going to the gym more so i can watch girls in the shower and when getting dressed and undressed.

I decided to find a lesbian bar and go and chance my luck there. I found a website that said where all the gay bars were and decided to go to one. I wore a slinky black dress with no bra and just a thong with some sexy heels and i was made up to perfection.

I went into the bar and it was packed which eased my nerves a little until i saw my mums neighbour looking at me and waving. I went hot and cold and then waved back. I ordered my drink and when i turned round Sharon was in front of me. She said hi Gemma, what you doing in here and i froze, i couldnt speak. She just touched my arm and said this is a secret and this your first time here isnt it...i just nodded.

Come over and join our group you\'ll be fine. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her group of friends and introduced me to them all. I was chatting away with these girls and then i saw two girls kissing and must have been staring at them because the next minute Sharon wispered in my ear...are you curious ? yes i said. Well she said, it can be our secret Gemma, but looking as stunning as you do it wont be long before you get chatted up, i just said oh good and we both laughed.

Sarah, one of Sharons friends was so pretty, similar size to me but with dark hair and she kept smiling at me and then came over for a chat. We went outside for a cigarette and i never took my eyes off her, she even looked sexy smoking a cigarette.

We went back inside and got chatting again and i blurted out that it was my first time here and i was curious blah blah blah and i told her that i\'d been watching the girls at the gym. She said i was naughty and then she kissed me. Just a peck on the lips, and then 5 seconds later kissed me again, this time pushing her tongue into my mouth.

It was so sexy and she just broke of as wanted more. She asked me what i thinking and i just said that i wished we were alone...later, she said. I was shaking and was sooo turned on and when Sarah went to the bar, Sharon came over and said i saw you then gemma, how was it ?? bloody fantastic i replied, im so turned on. I know she said and brushed her finger against my hard nipple making me jump.

Sarah came back with the drinks and we went for a dance and a lark around and she invited me back to her house. I accepted immediately and told Sharon what was happening, she just said...enjoy !

Sarah was stroking my leg in the taxi and when we got in the house she pushed me into her bedroom and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back and then she squeezed my boobs and then lifted my dress over my head, leaving me stood in a thong and shoes.

She sucked my nipples and then pushed me onto the bed and then removed her jeans, top and knicks and bra and then Sarah pulled my shoes and thong off and we got into bed. She slipped a finger into me and at the same time ran her thumb gently over my clit making me buck against her hand.

I squeezed and sucked her firm boobs and then slid my finger into her soaking pussy. I ran my fingertip over her clit and she did the same to me. We were both close to cumming and Sarah pushed me onto my back and slid her rabbit into me whilst licking my clit. I came within a minute, screaming the house down and when i recovered i fucked her with it and licked her clit til she came.

We kissed and cuddled for a while and then i got a taxi home. I couldnt sleep for all the dirty thoughts going round in my head and went to work the next day still soaking wet and throbbing.

That night i went to mums on the way home, and then called to see Sharon. I told her what had happened and she said great, well done Gemma if you ever need any attention call me! i was shocked and she said dont worry ill be gentle. I laughed and said i might not want you to be...and she came over and kissed me. We snogged for ages before she took me to bed and licked and fingered me to an amazing orgasm and i did the same to her.

That was two weeks ago and i cant get enough lezzie sex, i invite either Sharon or sarah round whenever my husband is out and we have the most amazing sex and he has no idea what im up to.

I hope it never stops, i love it so much, but its also nice to feel my husbands big cock sliding up me as well, lucky girl, i have the best of both worlds.

Hope you enjoyed this true story

Gemma xx