Written by Jocolala

28 Dec 2013

Hi, me and Joanne were really horny after the Xmas stress was fading away and since for whatever reason we've not had our first meet on sh yet? We put another add on for MMF or one on one with me their to watch my sexy girlfriend get f..led silly (actually her request) anyway we kept klick in on the add and their was plenty of views but sadly no takers? So with bein on holiday we just went out for coffee n lunch! If anyone knows glasgow it was a little place on great western road in the west end, Joanne had her usual goin out and lookin really fuckable stuff on n me I was just casual by this time just the thought of food was turning me on, the place had seats and like couches so I said let's snug up together in have our flood! While trying to get the attention of waiter/ waitress I noticed a hot waiter (thinkin from Joanne's point of view) I said to her n she said " I've already noticed him, when Joanne notices a guy n bein a waiter and floating about in front of I know my Joanne gets turned on and is imagining some sexual act with him? After our lunch we sat back with me whispering in Joanne's ear n telling her to think about sucking his cock and sneakily touching her, she whispered back " love to now let's get back to the flat am so horny" I went to the counter to pay n Joanne went to the ladies room which was downstairs! I paid and tipped then went to downstairs to mens room, as soon as I knew I was in the next room to my already turned on Joanne I just got the urge to f..k now? I finished n went n stood outside her door not fully belted up? Still loose ready to just drop my jeans (wasn't takin no for an answer) she opened her door with a look of what on her face n went to say something? I put my hand over her mouth and shoved her back in, when turning to lock the toilet door she said in a' iam not sure voice' "jo what you doin" I said "shut the fuck up" n grabbed her with one hand on the neck of her hair and the other hand on her belt, I pulled her toward me turned her round n shoved her over the sink, she mumbled something but she was in no way puttin up a fight I aggressively pulled her jeans down (again no fight) so if you've ever looked on our profile you will know how hard ma cock will have been at this point? I dropped my jeans a my cock sprang right up! The toilet was very bright n I took a couple of seconds pause just to look at me holding her over the toilet sink, was thinking (lucky lucky guy) so I leaned down a bit n placed my cock right at her lips n to my surprise she was like thick dripping wet way? Obviously she really was thinkin about sucking the waiters cock (am ok with that we are swingers but it still surprises me how much another hot guy can flick ma Joanne's switch) so I thought u dirty little slut and shoved ma cock n her hard but not in a fast way? I wanted it to last and the position was so good as I could see every stroke, Joanne was so nervous about gettin caught she hardly made a noise wich for her that's a surprise lol me too? I didn't want anyone banging the door n spoiling my fun! So watching every lovely stroke I noticed that while Joanne was being quiet her face was jammed up against the mirror just above the sink I had her over n that's what down it for me? I knew she was gonna watch me come so from that point I let her see? I must have got another 10 full strokes which started to get louder! I could feel pulse of cum travel and burst out ma cock and to notice Joanne's face jammed against the mirror with that one eye totally fixed on me was f..kin amazing! Soon as we we finished it was so funny cause we could still here the noise from the restaurant and Joanne was saying "oh no what we done" n me I had the biggest smile ever n said let's go n shut the f..k up jo n joanne