Written by Steve

10 Dec 2016

This is an account of a holiday I had a over twenty years ago. I was twenty three years old, a fit athletic guy lucky enough to be quite well hung and also bisexual. I had gone on a two week holiday, on my own to Hammamet in Tunisia. It was a lovely hotel, on the beech and quiet as it was out of season. AFter the first day, I spent the next three days fucking a very sexy and slim black girl from Manchester, she went home on day four. One of the waiters, about my age, a very sexy Morrocan guy, Greta body and wore very tight trousers which showed a very large bulge. We got on well, chatting each evening, almost farting really, and the first night after the black girl had gone, we chatted an she told me he was supposed to marry a girl but he did not want to. During the evening it became clear that he was more interested in guys than girls. He was finishing about 10pm and I invited him to my room for a drink, and he very quickly agreed. I left about 9.50 and he joined me just after 10pm. He sat down and we had a whisky together, I had bought a couple of bottles with me. He relaxed, and I told him that he was a very sexy guy and he said that he thought I was sexy too, we were sitting on the bed and I stroked his leg, and he lent over and kissed me very passionately, we soon had our clothes off, and I was right he was a very big boy. I pushed him back in the bed and took his cock in my mouth, I was always good at taking large cock down my throat. I pinched his nipples and took his length, he did not last long, groaning and filling my throats with cum.

He pulled me up and we kissed, he then lay me on my back and raised my legs and gave me the most awesome rimming, he really knew what to do, as he rimm s he pinched and pulled on my nipples as he rimmeed my arse very deeply.

Then when he was hard again, that did. It take long, he stood up, pulled me to the edge of the bed by my legs and took some oil I had at th table and he rubbed it into my arse and on his cock and then ripped into me balls deep and started fucking me really hard and rough, he held my legs high as he fucked me it was the roughest duck I had ever had, I loved and still like rough sex. He was calling me names and pinching my nipple and slapped my face. He had lots of energetic and lasted considerably longer than the blow job, he fucked me in various s positions for well over an hour before coming inside me.

He fucked me again that night and left about 3am. We arranged to meet after he finished work the next day. At 10pm he came to the room again but bought along another of the waiters, these two had been lovers for a while the new guy was one of the waiters I had wanked over, he was fucking stunning, and had a good 11" cock and like o be in charge, they both took turns in fucking me over the next three hours and this went on each night until I left. I must say that I was well used and well fucked by these two guys.

I did return two years later, sadly they had both moved on.