Written by P&N

30 Oct 2008

This is my third posting regarding my sexy wife and the fun she\'s had.This is completely true. We had lost touch with an old friend of ours who used to be a neighbour and used to screw P on a regular basis, but with my encouragement contact was re-established with them talking regularly on the \'phone at work.One day she told me she was going to finish work early and was going round to Al\'s. I was so horny knowing that she was going round with the sole purpose of fucking him.

I was this summer and I was sitting in the garden when she came home. I asked how it went and she told me it had been great - I opened the fiz to celebrate!She told me exactly what happened. As she arrived they made their way to the lounge where they settled down on the sofa for some sensual kissing, then she said they kind of fell on the floor and she knew what to expect.As she was on the floor Al moved down on her and pulled her newly bought sexy knickers aside and licked the inside of her pussy lips and then moved onto her clit and gave her an expert licking, as he was doing this P was groaning with satisfaction especially when he slipped two fingers into her too. He was down on her for about ten minutes when P felt her orgasm building and as she came she pushed her cunt right into his face.Then Al undid his pants to reveal his hard cock sticking straight out. P opened her legs as he entered her in one shove - she moaned as she felt his length go into her and wrapped her legs and arms around him as he started to fuck her and she was moaning with pleasure. He was enjoying in too but all too soon he said he was cumming and with that he pushed even deeper into her and with a grunt he came then P could feel his cum shooting into her. She held him a kissed him telling him it was great. When she told me all this I couldn\'t wait to get her upstairs. When I did, I pulled her knickers off which had cum stains on them and proceeded to lick her out just as he had done, I was a great turn on knowing he had done this earlier and then had his cock in her and pumped his load into her. I stripped off and told her to fuck me just like she had him - I slid in easily as she was still wet from their earlier love making and it was such a turn on knowing he had fucked my wife only a hour or so before me. I was so turned on I too didn\'t last long before I added my cum to his in my sexy and beautiful wife\'s pussy. They haven\'t repeated it yet but I am sure they will as she\'s as sexy as hell and a really good fuck.