Written by simon

15 Feb 2007

jo let out quite a loud cry,it was such different experience for me becuase instead off sliding straight into her i had to push this thing in and i felt resistance from her pussy it felt really tight.I slowly started to pump her,after about six strokes i could feel less resistance from her pussy I started too fuch her harder at a steady pace ,jo was in heaven making noises i had never heard her make before it was as if she was a different girl I tried to french kiss her like we would normaly do but it seemed as if the fucking was too much she just wanted to moan.I could feel she was about to cum and boy did she cum ,she was very vocal and pulled my arse into her in a vice like grip,I gave her a minute to catch her breath then i started slowly pumping her again she had came but i could still feel her pussy no problems .I could imagine my thick cock stretching her pussy,shit im going to come I thought and I dont want to cum in all the sillocone ,I managed to hold off from cumming and got all the sillocone off,I got in between jo and put my cock agaist her pussy and basicaly fell straight in her going up to the hilt in one stroke,it felt so warm ,I could feel that she had been stretched a bit and so i started fanasising that another guy with a big cock had just fucked her and I came almost straight away.

That was on tuesday night and it was all over too quick.My wife says she loved it so Im going to give her a really good fucking some time soon ,cant wait to do her doggy with my new sillocone cock and hopefully give her some muti orgasms as she said she was sure if we had kept going she would have cum again and again something ive never done with only my bare cock ,If anybody has any Ideas off sex toys along the same kind off line as girth rings Id love to hear thanks si