Written by TRAC

26 Oct 2008

I am a married 41 year old woman, looked after myself got a size ten 36d2435 bodty waxed and highly sexed. My husband loves me to get fucked by other guys; Ihe is eight years older, I prefer getting fucked by younger well hung, usually black men. TGhis episode happened last week, I had a day of work, I had been waxed the day before and had just showered and was having a coffee in the kitchen I had a red short silk dressing gown on. the door bell went and it was the window cleaner asking for the money for doing the windows. I havew always had a wet spot for him eventhough is about my age and white. He is very athletic and very good looking. He saw me in my gown and smiled, I asked him in and offered him a coffee; I was very horny and thought i could get his cock. I pretnded to drop something and bent down to pick it up knowing he would see my artse and fanny, then I went to get a cup and went to the top shelf in the cupnoard, stretching as I did so, and he saw my arse again, the enxt thing I knew was him behind me one arm around my waiste, and the other opening my gown and groping my tits, and he said I can take the hint! With that h licked my neck and had his hand down to my very wet pussy, he turn me around and french kissed me, and I stroked his cock through his trousers and his was a very big boy, he said get on your knees and suck my cock you little slut, I did as I was told, I unzipped him and got out a massive cock, he was at l;east 10" and thick with it; he held my head by my blond hair and started to fuck me face he did this for about tgen minutes I was almost gagging then I felt hinm swell and cum down my throat I swallowed most of it. He then said take me to the bedroom.

We went upstairs and I took my giown off and he went down on me, then he took his clothes off and wow he had the most amazing boy and he goit on tp and just entered in one thrust and fuck me like he was a wild animal he was rough and dirty and hard, it was an amazing fuck; he called me names and goped my tits biting my tits and leaving marks on my tits felt him tense and cum inside me pumping for ages, then he turned me over and used his belt on my arse telling me what a whore I was and he knew he would get to fuck me. He was hard within minutes and he started to fuck me doggy style pulling my hair back so my head was pulled back and he kissed me and told me he was going to treat me like a slag. he started to cvum again and when he had finished waited about ten minutes fingering my arse and calling me names then he was hard again and slowly entered my arse I was so stretched he fuck my ars hard for about fifteen minutes before filling my arse with his cum. He the n got dressed and told me he would be back at noon, and to have some sexy lingerie on. I was shatered had a sleep then a bath an ddressed in a black basque, stockings, black heal and nothing else, he arrived just after noon, and I sucked him off and played my my dildos for him as he wached he fucked me again and then had me ride him, as i was riding him his mobile went he chatted for a few minutes and told my address and said bring him too, use the back gate. He told me his son was coming ropund too with his mate: i said no way and h just said i have pics of you fucking me so you will do whatever I want; a few minutes later his son who was about 20 and his mate about the same age and mixed race turned up stripped and his son entered my arse. he enxt two hours were filled with me having cocks in every holes spitroasted, dp'd wanked over and pissed on in the bath. The two young guys left and Pete said to me I will be round again you are an ace fuck. He is due this coming week at some point with his son and mate and I am looking forward to it.