Written by Naughtyr

4 Sep 2012

Some years ago I worked for a landscape company in charge of a group of fit young men. At the time I was in a fairly stormy relationship which was very stressful. Work was my escape and I enjoyed all the attention that I got from the guys, especially one, namely Dave, who was almost 20 years younger than me. He was tall, dark, handsome with a gorgeous hunky body. We would flirt with each other constantly and I was just waiting to for the moment when we might take things further. Well, one Friday I was finishing off some paperwork in the office and the guys were all out on a job. I heard a van pull up and noticed that Dave had come back early from the job. He went off up to the large shed where all the equipment and materials were stored. I followed him up with the intention of finding out why he had come back early.

He was standing next to one of the large tables filling in a work sheet. He asked me if I could help him complete the sheet and stood right beside me whilst I read through the instructions. Next minutes I felt him put his hand on my back and gently started to rub it up and down and over my arse. Because I’d been out at a meeting that day, I was wearing a short red skirt with black stockings and suspenders and high black heels. I had on a red and black silk blouse with black lacy bra and thong. I started to ache in my pussy now as I really fancied this guy and it was obvious he had the hots for me.

He then turned me round and started to kiss me. He kissed me really hard and then started to rub his hands all over me. Up and down my back, on to my tits and over my arse. I pushed him away slightly, worried that the others might arrive back, but he just started kissing me again and slid his hand up my thigh past my lacey stocking tops. My pussy was aching even more now and I could feel the moisture starting to seep through my knickers. Starting to feel really horny I undid his belt and trousers. We kissed again as I pushed my hand inside and grabbed his lovely big hard dick. I quickly slid his trousers down off his hips, sat him down on the edge of the table and pushed him back so that he was lying on his back. Taking his thick hard dick in my mouth I sucked him for a few seconds before telling him to get his trousers off completely. He did as I asked and I hitched my skirt up my thighs and up round my waist. He pulled my knickers down and I climbed on the table and straddled him with my smoothly shaven pussy just over his face. I lowered myself on to him and he pushed my lips apart with his tongue and sucked hard on my clitoris. His tongue fucked me as I moved myself against him. Just as I could feel the start of an orgasm I moved down the table and sucked my own juices from his lips. I then slid back up allowing him to bury his tongue in my pussy. He worked me really hard sucking, licking and nibbling my clit until I exploded all over his face, flooding his mouth with my cum.

Just then I heard another van pull up and before I could get off the table and pull my skirt back down, 2 more of the work guys, Danny and Mikey came into the greenhouse. Their eyes nearly popped out their heads when they saw what was going on. Before I knew what was happening Dave had asked the other 2 guys if they wanted to join in. They both came over and took off their trousers revealing hard firm dicks. Mikey asked me to turn around and bend over the table. He pushed my legs apart, knelt behind me and started to suck on my pussy lips while pumping his fingers into me hard. I was panting and moaning and getting so wet, I just wanted him to get inside me. 'Fuck me' I pleaded and eventually he entered me from behind rubbing my arse cheeks while fucking me hard. At this point Danny came round the other side and undid my blouse, pulling my tits out of my bra. He started to suck one of my nipples hard whilst rubbing the other nipple with his fingers. Dave just stood back and watched all this obviously turned on by the whole scene.

Then Danny pulled out his cock and stuck it into my mouth, thrusting it in and out whilst I sucked it as hard as I could. Danny was moaning and groaning with pleasure, then all of a sudden he was round behind me, and as soon as Mikey had shot his load up me and pulled his cock out my hole, Danny thrust his in. I was wetter than I could ever remember, and screamed as Danny fucked me harder and harder until I felt him expolde deep inside my pussy, filling me with more cum.

Once Danny had finished with me he turned me back round and said that Dave could finish me off. Making sure my skirt was well up round my waist he sat me back on the table and pushed my legs up over my shoulders. Mikey leaned over from behind me and took off my blouse and bra so that my tits were bouncing up and down with every movement. Dave then thrust his big thick cock into my sloppy wet pussy and fucked me really hard until his spunk pumped right inside me.

The boys told me they had known I was desperate for some young cock and I had just proved them right. I actually think they planned it all to happen; so glad they did.I went home that day with a very well fucked and satisfied pussy.

From then on, surprisingly, the lads were keen to do any landscape jobs they were asked as they knew they would always get rewarded.