Written by Mr Twig

2 Jan 2012

i,d known Debbie since she was a student nurse (and single) and often used to end up staying the night in her room at the nurses home and the sex was good always but I moved away and we lost contact until a chance meeting in a pub 1 day.She was married now with a couple of kids but she still had a fabulous body, and we arranged to meet up for a drink.The night went well and I offered to walk her home which she accepted and when we got here she turned and gave me a kiss which turned into a mutual groping session,shee wanked me while I had my hand down her silky knickers which were soaking (and I still have them in a drawer )She told me she wanted me to fuck her so she could go to bed with my spunk deep in her pussy I told her to take her knickers off and put them in my pocket Next I told her to lean against the wall of her house spread her legs and bend over, this she duly did and I took my cock in hand pressed it against her arsehole,she was so wet I slipped in easily and fucked her hard until I filled her arse up with my hot load I then told her to turn around and lick my cock clean which she did.We met frequently after that for some great sex often in lunch breaks from work and we went dogging a few times as well but thats another story