Written by Micky the Bull

21 Jan 2017

After reading Elizabeth and husband Paul' s accounts on here (she told me she was gonna do that) I'm here to tell my side of the story.

What attracted me to Elizabeth was that they'd been married 30 years and she still looked so smoking hot - on the pictures she posted and even more in the flesh. They were each other's first love and they'd been faithful all that time. That was a great situation for me. Having sex with her in front of him and spoiling that special relationship was a big turn on. I just knew she'd love it with me after all that time making do with sex from a wimp. I knew it would destroy him seeing her break her vows by me shagging her right in front of him. He'd never recover from seeing that, witnessing her really enjoying it and she'd never be properly satisfied with him again. Its a great feeling shagging a woman in front of her husband and this would be even better with them having been together so long. Just to make sure, I insisted it took place in their bed – he’d never be able to be in bed with her again without visualising my cock in her mouth or pussy. He’d know she’d always be thinking of my superior cock. For him, any sex wither would be angst ridden and full of insecurity – he’d always know she’d rather be with me.

When I walked in and saw her I knew I was going to love shagging her. She was so hat with that curvy arse and come to bed yes, he was so wimpy and would be easy to cuckold. Telling him what I was going to do to her made me hard, her wet and him a mass of nerves and emotions he couldn’t handle. Getting her undressed in front of him was like stealing a present from a baby and getting him to take her thong off and let me see her pussy was brilliant. That tight little shaved pussy would look great with my cock inside it, and he’d be getting the best view of his treasured wife enjoying it in her.

When she saw my cock she looked totally thrilled and I knew he knew he was finished, the look he gave was priceless!! I loved the feel of that wedding ring against me and when she started sucking me without even asking him I knew she’d broke his heart- just what I like a wife to do to her husband before I take her off him. The fact that she invited me upstairs to their bedroom showed me how into me she was already and how she was already beginning to disregard him.

Seeing me entering that special marital place with my hard dick out and her naked sexy little body inches from it must have almost killed him, and the thought of ruining his marriage bed for him got me hard as hell. It was great making him strip so that I could show him up in front of her, devastating him in front of her, getting her to tell me I was better made his little cock twitch like mad – what a rush!! I enjoyed seeing him have one last cuddle with his dick trying to get close to her shaved pussy, wanting to ask her to stop the whole thing but not daring to. He knew he was handing her over and would never truly get her back.

I really got off on him being so close with his mobile and getting the picture of me going into her pussy. She loved my big dick in her and he squirmed physically and emotionally as I shagged her for ages before coming. She truly was a fantastic shag, I loved being in her and she really enjoyed me. Coming deep inside her was a dream come true for her and his worst fantasy fulfilled. Paul looked so torn when he was licking her out, he was being humiliated but that other part of him wanted to taste that sign of her unfaithfulness.

After that brilliant blowjob and the doggy shag where I deliberately pulled out I knew I had well and truly made her mine. Getting him to shag her in front of him was a great way of humiliating him and denying that special intimate reunion moment with her. I made sure I said all the right (wrong!) things whilst they were shagging so that he would know she loved it with me and didn’t find satisfaction with him any more.

I didn’t want to completely break the relationship, just ruin it for him and enjoy her to the max. When she moved in with me it tore him apart and gave me hot milf sex on tap 24/7. I had moved on to shagging an 18 year old blonde in front of her childhood sweetheart so I wasn’t bothered when she moved out, but I wasn’t best pleased when she moved back with him. Still, I know she’s had a taste of something better, he’s had his private intimate love life ruined and I’m sure he won’t ever be able to relax and truly enjoy her again. I predict she’ll be back round mine for a few shags soon – I’ll make sure he has to come too!