Written by Paul

31 Jan 2014

It's still a bit surreal looking back to last year and the events therein because it still seems like a big weird dream.

The events fell into place last year on an (extended) family holiday my Daughter arranged. Between the booking and the holiday my then relationship had gone out the window (metaphorically speaking).. My "then" partner was none to keen on a "big family hug" as she called it and dumped me before the holiday as she was jealous of my ex.. The upshot was that 14 friends and family headed off on holiday with me paying single room supplement..

My ex could easily be described as a bbw now but she is still really pretty and still oozes sex appeal..

She has clear skin, sparkling blue eyes and shoulder length black hair. Her smile is infectious and although she is about 12 stone now she is still totally shagable in all respects.. We are both early 50's now and her man is early 60's..

I suppose people were feeling sorry for me because I'd been dumped and I seemed to spend lots of time with my ex and her man in Tenerife.. It was mostly fairly easy up until the last night when I ended up at their apartment and Tom started fishing about any appeal she may still have for me.. Trying to be honest I told him she was still really pretty and he should be proud.. Initially it was tense and lacking in humour but after a while it was more like friendly teasing..

They had clearly done all the pillow talk stuff as he asked me about things that were clearly more than lucky guesses.. There was an awkward silence when Tom asked if I still had the old polaroid's of my ex.. Rather than deny it I told him she had made me cut them up and flush them away.. My ex said "enough Tom, leave it" and went to the bedroom to change..

Tom looked back to me as she closed the room door and said "she's got a cracking pussy eh?"..

I must have been on bravery pills by then because I replied "gorgeous, and it loves the cock"..

I laughed as soon as I'd said it because I thought I'd went too far..

Tom said "will I ask her to show you it?"

I was fairly taken aback but did feel he was encouraging me and I said "obviously I adore her fanny and I'd love to see it again but I wouldn't want to upset or come between anyone"

Tom said "give me a minute" and sauntered to the bedroom smiling..

My head was spinning and I wasn't sure if he was trying to provoke a situation then confront me, but I was to hooked on curiosity to leave without knowing.. Ten minutes of me staring at the room door must have passed before it opened again and they both emerged with Tom saying "drinks anyone?"

They were both still clad in their daytime attire and both seemed at ease.. I sat on one 2 seater sofa facing them on the other and everything seemed really relaxed to start with..

After a few minutes Tom said "I asked Gina to flash her cunt at you but she's not sure, convince her if you can"

Although I felt awkward and under the microscope my confidence was boosted high as they both sat there smiling at me..

"Obviously I'd love to see your gorgeous cunt again" I said "but not if it comes between you two and damages things"

"I'll think about it" Gina said with a smile..

Things seemed to revert to normal for about ten minutes as the drama seemed to have passed and all the hope evaporate as we sat there small talking.. After a while Gina got up without saying a word and walked into the room and closed the door behind her..

Tom turned to me and crossed his fingers and said "here's hoping"

My anxiety levels were sky high and I smiled back and as I held my hand up and crossed my fingers too.. Tom and me sat there talking about fishing and the like for what seemed like ages with me starting to think Gina had fell asleep..

Eventually Gina emerged from the room in a really short black nightie as Tom turned to me and winked and said "play it cool and don't rush her"

Gina took her place opposite and lifted her drink as we carried on talking as normal.. My heart was racing and my cock was bulging in my shorts as I tried not to look directly at her.. After about ten minutes of us all getting comfortable Tom picked up his phone and sent a text and Gina's phone bleeped.. Gina looked at the message on her phone and smiled at Tom and nodded as he got up and excused himself for the toilet..

As the toilet door closed Gina stood up and walked the few steps towards me and stood before me in her scanty nightie. She looked down at me and smiled as she took the hem in her hands and casually lifted it over her head.. Wow!!! A totally shaved bald and shiny fanny!!!

Gina bent down to me and whispered "he wont let us kiss or shag but we can take care of that later"..

"Right you" she said loudly as she looked toward the toilet and immediately Tom emerged with a big grin on his face..

Gina sat next to me totally bollock and said to Tom "you'd better ask him what you asked me earlier"

For once Tom seemed stuck for words but eventually blurted out "I've always wanted some pictures of Gina with a cock at her pussy lips or it plastered with someone else's spunk, will you do that for us?"

"Definitely, yes, get your camera" I said!

"I'm not at the stage to let you shag her yet though, is that okay with you?" said Tom..

You have to remember I'm sitting next to my bollock naked 50 year old ex whose's just slumped back in the sofa and opened her legs wide and placed her left leg over mine and opened her pussy lips with her fingers as we all act like nothing has happened!

"Get stripped then" said Tom..

Before you know it I'm standing up peeling my gear off and Gina is stroking my bum as I do so.. Tom's putting new batteries in the camera as I watch Gina slip a finger in her pussy then hold it out for me to suck as Tom rubs his cock through his shorts and mutters "this is brilliant"..

Gina said to Tom, "you need to tell us what photo's you want us to pose for, you need to instruct us"

"I will, I will" said Tom!

As I sat down next to Gina she said "I forgot how nice your cock was"

I said to Tom "You can have any photo you want but if you want faces in them then you'll have to give me a bit of security and let me take some too and give me some copies for myself"

"Fair's fair" said Tom as he started the camera..

My cock was totally throbbing as I sat next to Gina and I'd to tell them I'd shoot really quick the first time as I felt maxed up.. I leaned towards her and slipped a finger inside as she slumped back and opened her legs wide.. Her face was a picture and I noticed she kept looking at Tom as though for reassurance.. Very soon I'd 3 fingers deep inside as I fingered her hard and watched her squeeze her tits.. Tom had the camera point blank at her fanny as I made her squirt her cum on the sofa..

Tom asked Gina to suck my cock for a snapshot and I suggested a 69 so he had the full range.. I lay on the floor as Gina crouched over me and sucked my cock as she lowered her soaking fanny onto my face.. Her cunt tasted marvelous as I slipped my tongue deep inside but Tom asked me to withdraw a wee bit for a better photo.. I said to Tom I'd love to see a cock up her point blank and asked him to let me see his inside her..

Tom stripped off and as I lay with Gina's fanny in my face he positioned his cock at her puffy fanny and entered her.. I relaxed back and asked him to give me the camera to get a photo and almost came at the thrill of watching a good sized cock enter her 4 inches from my face.. Tom was riding gently as I stroked Gina's clitoris with my thumb and watched her cum buckets on my face.. Tom asked if I'd still muff Gina after his cock had been up her and I told him I love that cunt so much I'd still lick her even if she was full of spunk..

It was gorgeous to watch Tom cum inside Gina and hear her whimper as he did.. I'd to keep stopping Gina sucking my cock as I was almost cumming.. As he withdrew I ran my thumb over her wide open crack and watched his spunk ooze out.. Tom had the camera again and took some point blank shots of her cum filled cunt.. I was mad for it now and the animal in me was winning as I asked Tom if he'd let me feel my cock inside for a minute if I licked her spunky pussy for him..

Before he could answer Gina pleaded to him to let me cum inside her as she'd always wanted 2 lots of spunk.. (we'd did this before years ago but Tom didn't know) Laying on my back with Gina kneeling over me I parted her swollen fanny lips with my thumbs and nervously placed my tongue on her spunky labia.. I was very apprehensive as I'd never imagined doing this but for the sake of the promise of a shag I bit the bullet.. Initially I didn't think I could do it but as soon as I parted those wonderful fanny lips I couldn't stop.. Gina started squirting gallons of lady cum in my mouth the minute my tongue entered her and I started licking the spunk from her wanton hole.. It was fabulous..

After ten minutes of licking I sat on the sofa and got Gina to reverse onto my hard on as Tom took more photo's.. I came within seconds of feeling my cock enter her pussy then got Tom to take photo's of me licking Gina out.. All three of us spent the next 4 hours on the floor fucking and managed a double vaginal with me on my back on a table with Gina on top and Tom entering her from behind.. That was the best bit by far..

What happens on holiday etc...