30 Sep 2017

New Years Eve 2012 I had a small house party with just a few close friends. By 1:30am 3 friends went home and 4 of us remained. Me, my girlfriend Sarah and our 2 friends Mat and Kay. We continued to drink and started a game of spin the bottle (classic!). At 2:30 K decided to go home instead of sleeping over which just left me my sarah and mat. Mat was a bit of a player and very sexually active back then. We all went to bed by 3 pretty wasted and, after our game of spin the bottle, a little horny. Me and sarah went to our bed and started kissing. When moving my hand down around her thighs then on her pussy I could tell she was horny too. After a couple of minutes of oral sex I started kissing her neck then whispered in her ear 'would you be up for a threesome with Mat?'. With a gasp she said fuck Yeah. Not wanting her to think twice I grabbed my phone and text mat and within seconds could hear his footsteps. He came into the bedroom and laid the other side of sarah and took his top off. He tried small talk but I grabbed his hand and placed it on sarahs breast. He took no time starting to suck her nipples so I went down and joined the other nipple. Mat moved his hand down and started rubbing her pussy and kissing. Watching them tongue wrestling turned me on massively and when he started slipping his fingers in her pussy just made me worse. Eventually I moved down and started licking her pussy which she loves and at this point mat got his cock out and moved her hand down and she started wanking him off and they kissed and he played with her tits. Mat then moved his cock up to her mouth and she started sucking him off. After a while and she orgasm I entered my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I have to admit I was so turned on I could feel myself cumming pretty quick so I stopped and said to Mat 'I can't be greedy, its your turn'. Now I'm 6" but Mat must be about 8" and he quick to enter her and start pounding away as I put my cock in her mouth. After about 5 minutes we swapped around. Again I had to slow down a few time cause I feel I was about to explode. As Mat was about to cum I couldn't help myself and I exploded inside her. Seconds later Mat cum too. We laid next to each other and we all eventually fell asleep. About a year and half after we ended up doing it again but it wasn't the same. I'm not going to lie though, I want to do it again but I know Sarah wont.