Written by Sara

22 Sep 2016

I am a happily married woman of 43, size ten firm toned body 36d2435, leggy and smooth. I have shirt ish blond with highlights, blue eyes and extremely highly sexed. I am in an open marriage, my husband is ten years older than me, good looking a good body a large cock, around ten inches. He is a Dom and encourages me to have sex with other men. I also have a master and my husband and the master share ownership if me. This is the account of how we met my current co master, Zac.

It started with Zac just I've three years ago. We decided that I needed a master to share ownership of me, as my husband is abroad a lot on business, and whilst I would get cock or sometimes pussy every day, he wanted a bit of control when he was away. So we advertised on a site that we had used before. We had very specific requirements. The guy had to be experienced, under thirty years of age, muscular build, arrogant and I like the thug types, he had to be comfortably off, he had to have a least ten inch in the cock department, liked rough sex and must be black. We got quite a few replies, even though we had lots of replies from guys who were way off, white guys, guys in their fifties, fat, submissive so. I wondered why they do not read the adverts! They also need to live in south London or central London, as we live in Putney

Anyway after a couple of meets, the sex was ok but they were not really doms. We had an email from Zac, photos to prove who he was and what he looked like. I melted when I saw his photos, he had an amazingly fit 6' muscular body, an eleven inch cock, he was tweet seven years old and ran his own security doorman company. We exchanged emails; I told him to be explicit and to tell me how he would treat his sub. His replies were very explicit, he would not use my name, I would be addressed a slut, slag or any thing else he wished. He would expect sex whenever he wanted and I would be expected to entertain his mates, clients or anyone else he decided upon. He would film any encounter when my husband was not present. We agreed to meet at a bar in the west end, he told me to look slutty.

I went to have my pussy waxed, nails done and on the day I wore a tight low cut white blouse, no bra, a lack ,eat her short skirt, hold up black stockings and 4" black heals, I never wear knickers. My husband said I look a real slut. We got a taxi to the bar, my husband telling me to flash my cunt as he said to the driver. I did and it was. Lear the driver was looking through his mirror.

We arrive at the bar around 6.30pm and it was mainly male clientele, lots of looks and comments. There were a lot of young black guys there too. I went to sit a a table and Mike, my husband, got a couple of drinks. I had a double double vodka and ice. I had just about finished when Zac appeared. He looked even better than his photos. He bought another round and sat next to me, my husband sitting opposite. We chatted very explicit flirting. Zac had his arm around me, and had hi other hand under my skirt, he said spread your legs slut, and I did, he was soon fingering me three fingers inside. He said ti Mike that you who're is so fucking wet, real white trash whore. He turned my face to look at him then he kissed my very forcibly, holding onto my hair tightly. Then he licked my neck and gave me a huge love bite on my neck, you will have more of those so people can see you are a real slut. He then licked the other side of my neck and gave me another love bite.

He then talk to Mike saying what arrangements shall we have for shared ownership of the whore? They discussed the details. Agreeing that they would type up the agreement at home and sign it. Over the course of their conversation Zac had his hand inside my blouse, pinching my nipples extremely hard, making we very wet. People were looking as Zac was being very obvious. Mike went to the loo and Zac snogged me again groping my tits inside my blouse, telling me that I was a very sexy whore and he would enjoy running me on a regular basis. When Mike returned he said shall we go and Zac agreed, I nodded and Zac said you don't have an opinion you are just white fuck meat.

In the car Zac and I sat in the back and Mike in the front. We snogged and he groped me, finger fucked me, about half way home he told me to suck his dick, I unbuttoned his trousers and his cock was huge and very very thick. I could just get my mouth around it, he grabbed my hair and wrapped it round his hand and then forced my head down on his cock, when I started to gag he pushed further, saying he did not care if I gagged he want a balls deep blow job. Even the driver made no indication that he could not see the action. Just before home he shot his load into my throat, and did not lose a drop.

We got out of the car, with my blouse undone. Zac said leave it unbutton I want people to see what a slut you are. As we walked in he was mauling my tits. As soon as we were in the house the blouse and skirt were gone. He took his skirt off and his body was pure muscle, he took his trousers off and he had good strong legs. Soon he was name and his cock hard again looked so sexy, and quite menacing.

He told me to play with myself and to get the largest toy I had. I fetched my 24" black dildo and rammed it inside myself. He then pulled me to my knees by my hair, slapped my face and said what do you want? I said you and he said to do what? Fuck me, he said where? I replied in my pussy, he said it us a cunt say it. So I said loudly fuck me in my cunt, and arse, please. He then asked what are your limits and I told him I did not have any limits. He cuffed my arms behind my back, put my nipple camp on and then started squeezing the clamps, very hard. He took a few photos on his iPhone. Then he held My hair and pushed me down to his big cock and forced it down my throat then began to fuck my face, shouting abuse at me. My husband was naked his big cock rock hard, he got behind me and was squeezing the clamps hard and ZAc holding my hair and fucking my face his cock getting deeper and deeper. He said to Mike you have a first class whore here mate, I will enjoy using her over a long time. Mike said I hope so she has so much more that she can do.

Zac pulled his cock away pushed me forward and then entered his cock into my cunt slapping my arse hard as he fucked me, then using my hair as reigns to fuck me deeper. He was like an animal possessed, he fucked me for ages, until he tensed, pulled hard on my hair and shouted I am coming in the white trash cunt. He must have released gallons.

He pulled out and my husband took over into my arse and he fucked me really roughly telling me I was a jointly owned whore now. Zac, in the meantime had gone to my face and held my face up and made me clean his cock. Mike came with such force inside my arse. I was then I uncuffed and allowed to lay on my back, Mike put his hand into my cunt and gave me Zac's cum to swallow and then the same with my arse, where I swallowed Mike's cum. The,y both they started playing with my guts, taking the clamps off and Zac cover each tit in love bites, biting my nipples and then more bites on my neck. Mike straggled my face and start to fuck my mouth with his cock, as Zac was now licking my arse and cunt stopping to give me love bits around my cunt area. He then started to put one, then two, then three and the his who,e hand inside my cunt and started to fist fuck my cunt, I had never felt so full, he then started to dust fuck me with eagerness, making me cum about three times. Mike cum into my throat.

We all rested for a while Mile getting the Vodka and Whisky, we had a drink. Zac telling me I was the best sub whore he had had and he would sign the agreement. As Mike went to type it,Zac told me he would expect any one he wanted me to fuck I would have to fuck, and his mates enjoyed gang-bangs. He also told me he would pimp me sometimes. Mike came back, Zac secured my arms to the chair legs, so I could not move them. He then rubbed some chilli onto my nipples and replaced the clamps, he then got a fresh red chilli, he had asked Mike to get from the kitchen, and broke it in half and rubbed the opened chilli inside my cunt. The pain was excruciating . He then sat down on a chair and read, then signed the joint ownership agreement. Mike and Zac drank on it. Mike then put some yogurt into my cunt and in my nipples. I was told to ride Mike and then lean forward so Zac could fuck my arse, I felt him go in, he was a bit longer than Mike but much thicker, it took him a few strides but eventually was balls deep and they took turns in fucking me. They are both fit and had cum before during the evening so it was a good half an hour, Mike coming first, his hands tightly around my throat I could hardly breath. Zac came shouting that I was a cheap who're and bitch.

We had been fucking for about three hours. Mike decided to go to bed, as he had a squash match in the morning and said he would sleep in the spare room. Zac took me to our bedroom and spent the next few hours fucking, fisting biting and belting me. He cuffed me face down to the bed, and used his belt in me twenty strokes. Then turned me onto my back rebuffed me and tied my legs apart onto the bed and used his belt on my tits and cunt, that hurt. When he finished he fucked me. Be fore we slept he took me to the bathroom made me kneel on the bath follow and pissed over my face and tits.

We went to sleep about 4am, woke up about 11am, Zac fucked me again, he showered and went downstairs I had a bath, examining the bites and bruises and still had some reels in my arse. Zac told me what I should wear, so I dressed in a shirt denim skirt white low cut vest top and some summer heeled sandals. No underwear was allowed, and is still not allowed when with Zac, my husband has never allowed me to wear knickers, anyway. I went downstairs he said I looked good, very sexy. It was easy to see about five love bites on my neck and another six or so on my tits. He told me to get a marker pen. He then told me to bend over, he lifted my skirt and wrote black mans whore on my arse, he wrote slut on my shoulders that were not covered by the vest. We had some coffee and said we were going out. He ordered a taxi, we got into it and were driven to Balham, were he lived. We went into a jewellery shop, a mate of his owned it, he told the guy he wanted a tummy chain with black mans bitch on it, a anklet with slut and a necklace with slut. When they were made I put them on, and I was told to go to the back if the shop and give the guy a thank you blow job. The guys was about mid sixties West Indian, nice size cock he did not last long, though. He then took me to his house and gave me a collar to wear. We got into his car and drove to a really sleezy bar, most of the guys were black and I was the only woman other that the barmaid. Once I to the door Zac put the lead onto the collar, and led me into the bar. The bar was full for 1pm on a Saturday. He stopped and chatted to some guys telling them to have a good grope, inside and out! I was groped and fingered by a lot of guys in the two hours we were the. Two guys were allowed a blow job and the rest were promised next time a gang fuck of the White cunt as Zac told them.

We git into his car and he told me to deep throat him. The n we drove back to the house, Mike was back having a drink in the garden. Zac suggested we all went for

A drink to a white bar. We went to a pub on Wimbledon Common, very upmarket. I walked in with Zac who was in tight jeans showing his size off, flip flops and a tight white thirty, and Mike dressed in cords and a shirt. Zac insisted I went to the bar with him, everyone could see the love bites and the word slut on my shoulders. Some of the women looked very disapproving, and one as I went to the loo said you slut you should be ashamed. At the bar some woman in her twenties look at me and said you are a shame, I told her to go away and she then told me I should know better than be a slut at my age, Zac was behind me, he had his hand fully over one of my tits and said fuck off bitch this is my slut. We were stared at by a few people the who,e time and Zac just French kissed my gave me another bite on my neck, making it clear what I was

After the pub we went home, and Zac called some mates and then told, me that he and Mike had a greed a gang fuck for the evening and that the guys would be coming around 6pm and I had to get a buffet ready. I did a good spread in the dinning room, and was then told to wear stockings suspenders and high heals leave my chains on. Zac then wrote on my tummy "fuck me"

Just before 6pm the door went and the first couple of guys turned up, by 7pm there were ten black guys plus Zac and my husband. The night was awesome and fun, eight hours of sex.

This has been a long account of how I became a jointly owned whore for my husband and Zac. Over the three years Zac has added my best friend Tracey to his stable as he calls it, he has fucked my sister. I have so many events to share some I already have. If you want to hear about that first gang bang with Zac, let me know.