23 Apr 2017

Hi, I must tell you about our latest meeting with the gent from Cwmbran. It started with me and Denise lying naked on the bed a fortnight ago. We were lying on our sides with my cock in her mouth, and me licking her cunt while pushing the black dildo in her cunt. I said, are you enjoying this, she took her mouth off my cock and said it would be better if there was another cock here. So. shall I phone him, ok she said.

After the phone call, which we agreed to meet last weekend at his house. Denise, only put on a summer dress with buttons down the front, and no bra, no thong and no hold ups. We drove down to his house, with Denise rubbing my cock, and me fingering her through the dress, she was soaking wet, so I started to lick her cream off my fingers. When we got to his house,, we sat out the back garden with some wine, Denise opened her dress to show her tits, and her freshly shaved smooth cunt. He just moved his fingers into her cunt, and took them out and Den licked her juices off his fingers. I did the same, then Den fingered herself and offered him her fingers to lick..

He said shall we go in, as we were walking into the house, Den talk her dress off and walked naked into the house. A porn film was put on, and the three of us just started petting, and Den was wanking two cocks. We went to the bedroom, and Den was on her knees, with my cock up her and the other cock in her mouth. We then swapped over, I was being sucked and he was fucking Den. I said do you want us to cum in your mouth, ok she said, so the two of us started wanking our cocks at her mouth and fa ce, we more or less came together, she took a lot in her mouth and it was dribbling down her lips and chin. We had a rest, then Den sat on him, I pushed her forward, rubbed juices over her bum hole an inserted one finger, then two. When she was opened wide enough, I pushed my cock in slowly, all of a sudden, he said I can feel your cock up her bum , it's rubbing against my cock up her cunt. We both started to fuck her sa hard as possible, I shot up her bum, and he up her cunt, it was fabulous.

After this, we were just there naked while Den was rubbing herself and wanking us, and licking her juices off both our cocks. She said I wish somebody was here taking photos, it would be so horny to look at them. So we have decided to get another guy in, so one of them can take photos of two of us fucking Den, we can then swap around, so at any one time Den will have two cocks in her, and also there will be three of us with Den taking on all of us. We are going to set it up soon, Den can't wait, and she is the one that makes me write the stories, she is rubbing herself now, while reading the story.