Written by proud x

10 Aug 2012

After our fun night, we spoke about having her have full sex with my freind, when g came back round to visit which we spoke about over and over which turned us both on, deep down not knowing how we would act.

6 months passed when G said he was coming round again to stay, that week we had great sex every night looking forward to what was going to happen,on the Sat night my x was already at an all day wedding so me and G went out drinking again, but i drove and we spoke about both sharing her but taking to the next level which he agreed, we picked her up at 11:45 from outside the venue and she was clearly pissed as she got in the car she was loud confident and talking about another couple who she thought were swingers which set the tone.

we got back in the kitchen 10 mins later and G started to sort out drinks when i went upstairs with my x to discuss details , she got a little nervous but said she would see how it goes, and meet me downstairs in two mins, we had purpously left some washing on the single chair in the front room so we had to all sit on the sofa she came down and we all started to talk about small talk,as we were talking i started to touch her legs getting higher with every stroke until i felt her pussy, when i realised she had taken her knickers upstairs and realised then she was up for it!!!!!!! which turned me on, as i played with her i gave her a compliment about her legs and told g he should feel, which he done straight away going for her pussy with me at the same time .

we then strippped her naked and sucked her breasts at the same time which she had wanted for months, she then undone his zip and placed him straight in his mouth unprotected this time and sucked and sucked, i then went down on her with my tongue and after a few mins looked up and caught them kissing and him grooping her breasts, she looked startled as we said there was no kissing but i felt turned on that she was so horny and looked dirty . she bent over and sucked g off and i started to fuck her from behind, then i said lets swap meaning i sit down but within a sec she turned round and sat on g cock and started to ride him and suck me of at the same time...we had spoke about this alot but to see it was totally diffrent and seeing your partner so horny was real good,enjoying another cock we then went into the kitchen took it in turns fucking her standing up before going upstairs me and g went into the bedroom, when she went to the toilet when she returned she was still naked and crawled in the bed between us which was confident and looked real hot, we asked her to make her self cum, which she done being very noisy, when we sucked her breasts,she had a big orgasm .

she layed on her back when g quickly got between her legs and started to fuck her real hard, by my standards really quick too,so i decided to grab her legs and make it easier for him she was making so much noise i thought it would wake the neigbours so we went into the other bedrooom where she layed down AND I STARTED TO FUCK HER HARD G WANKED OFF OVER HER TITS AND CASME WITHIN MINS AND I came few secs after, we all then went to bed us back in our room g in his. when g woke us up in the morning by going to the toilet i started to play with her which she still loved and was clearly wet we both went down stairs where g was late but she let him play with her tits and he came over her ass, when he left we went upstairs and fucked and talked about our favourite times of the night... that night i still think about and turns me on even now we must have fucked her for over 3 hours solid that night.

what are your thoughts on my x plus one more to go but this time after our relationship had finnished