Written by Wife

28 Dec 2010

My Hubby often goes out and brings home 'friends' if he brings home a guy/guys it's fun fun fun! But a girl and I get a text to say spare room for me!! But last night things changed, I got no text so was sitting watching tv as he came home in a taxi about 2.30. I saw my Hubby and a young girl, get out the taxi, younger than I thought he'd go for she looked about 19 and he's 44. They came into the living room, hi babe he said just look at Jenny! She was about 5'1 very shy and giggly in tight White top and short skirt. I stood up to leave but Hubby told 'me to sit down and watch.... I felt strange but excited... As he bent her over, I was strangely turned on by her lovely ass and got a sudden urge to lick it, but I could just watch... Look at her ass babe, my Hubby said.... Mmm so fucking gorgeous... He had his fingers playing with her pussy and started licking her ass, tongue pushing up it! I was so turned on but sat quietly watching... He laid her gently on the table... Mmm dinner time he said as he began sucking her nipples through her shirt... She had no bra and little boobs but her nipples stood to attention through the shirt as my Hubby chewed and sucked them... Wripping open her shirt he continued ravenous over her body, her bucking and screaming ... I stood up and went in for a closer look, her juices glistening on the table... Lick it up I was told! I wanted to lick her but was only allowed to lick the table where her juices had spilt! Watching as my Hubby got her delicious smooth pussy to savour.. He pulled her to the edge if the table then and fucked her till he shot his load in her and then over her smooth pussy rubbing it all over her... Then my Hubby grabbed my head and pushed it between her legs clean her bitch! He told 'me I did I licked and licked so much... Under his instruction scooping his cum out and eating it, when she was considered clean I was sent to the spare room... I listened all night him saying how gorgeous she was and fucking licking and teasing her... I hope next time he let's 'me join in xxx