23 Feb 2018

Sharing my UK Indian wife part 3

During the next few days I continued to exchange messages with Shaun and Paul to ensure we were compatible. My wife knew nothing of this, she was just under the impression we would go to Birmingham for shopping and a night out, which she was looking forward to. It was Thursday evening and I took my wife to a hotel bar near our house for a drink. It was a quiet bar and we liked to go there for a drink as it was close to our house. I was thinking of telling her about the plan for the weekend but wanted to give her a few drinks before telling her the truth. We walked into the bar , I was dressed quite casually and my wife was still very smart as she didn’t get changed from her work clothes. She was dressed in fishnet stockings, red high heels, a black leather knee length skirt and white blouse. She looked great, business but sexy look. As we walked in the bar was very quiet and the usual kind of clientele were there , business men who were probably staying the night. My wife took a seat on the sofa in the corner whilst I went to the bar and ordered us some drinks. I brought my wife two double Vodka and cokes as I wanted to loosen her up then hit her with my plans for the weekend. I got the drinks and sat down with her. “two drinks” she said in astonishment.

“Oh yeah it saves me going back to the bar after” I said. She frowned and took a sip of the drink. We talked about our day and I encouraged her to finish her first drink quickly followed by her second drink, I wanted her in the mood when I broke the news to her and then after 30 minutes my phone rang. “I’m just going to take this, Jas” I said and then walked out the bar. The phone call was a work related thing and I was on the phone outside the bar for 10 minutes. I could see through the big window my wife sitting on the sofa, legs crossed looking quite bored but also very sexy, she didn’t have to try that hard. Whilst I was on the phone talking I noticed a gentleman of about 40ish sit near our sofa. He was obviously there on business because he was working on his lap top, he looked well turned out and handsome. I noticed him look over at my wife and smile, my wife smiled back and continued to sip her drink. He probably thought my wife was there alone and maybe on business too. Once I finished my call I looked through the big window, and I noticed the man every so often looking at my wife. I decided to have some fun. My wife was on her second drink , I texted her the following “I think that guy likes you, he keeps looking at you”. I saw her smile as she looked at her phone and I could see she was texting something back. “Shut up! Where are you?” she replied.

“watching through the window” I replied back. Again 30 seconds later I saw her reach to her phone and I could see her smiling. She replied back “get in here! And get me another drink”. Whilst this was happening the man was still every so often looking over at my wife. “get him to get you a drink, I bet he would” I sent. Again my wife looked at her phone and I could see her laugh then she sent her next message. “I bet he would like to give me more than a drink” which she finished off with an emoji winking. I knew she was slightly tipsy, so I text back and replied to her message “I want you to catch his eye and smile at him, just do it and see what he does”. I saw my wife reading the message and then I saw her turn slightly and look over at the man and smile. He smiled back and kind of nodded to my wife. She sent me another text message “done! What now?”. I could see she was getting into the game I was playing and was playing along, the drinks she had must of helped her. I replied back “finish that drink, walk over to the bar and get yourself another drink, when you walk past him smile and once you get your drink walk back and sit down on the brown sofa near him”. I saw my wife smile as she read the message. She took a big gulp of her drink and finished it. I saw her reach for her hand bag and then she got up. The man was looking at her, I then saw my wife lift her skirt up slightly as though she was adjusting it. She was doing this to show her legs and body off, she knew what she was doing. She then walked past the man and turned to him and smiled as she walked past. As she walked away towards the bar she turned around again and smiled at him. My wife was a very good flirt, even when she didn’t realise she was doing it, I could see why she got so much attention at work. As she ordered her drink the man again was looking at my wife, my wife turned around and again made eye contact with him. She didn’t smile this time but she knew how to change her eyes to “fuck me”. My wife collected her drink and did what I instructed; she walked to the brown sofa which was closer to the man. She sat back and took a sip of her drink and turned to the man and smiled again, the man smiled back and I could see through the window he said something to her. My wife than sent me a message “done happy now? You can come back in now”.

“No lets see what he does next?” I replied back.

“What if he trys to sit here with me and chat me up” my wife replied.

“So what if he does, it’s not the first time. Do you find him attractive?” I replied to my wife.

“mmnnnn maybe” she replied back. I knew she would , I knew the type of men that Jaspreet found attractive. “Ok the object of this game is to get him to buy you a drink ok?” I messaged my wife. I saw her read the message and laugh. She replied back and said “ok”. As I watched I saw my wife look around and make eye contact with the man a few times. Eventually the man started talking to her. As I was outside watching I couldn’t hear the conversation but it looked as though he was introducing himself. I saw the man go over to her and they shook hands whilst Jaspreet was sitting down. He then sat down on a seat opposite her. I could see them talking and Jaspreet was smiling and seemed to be enjoying herself. I decided to walk into the bar and sit on a sofa away from them but still in viewing distance. As they were talking Jaspreet looked over at me and smiled, it was so horny seeing her being chatted up and her flirting with another man in front of me, and this time it was different, she gave the look of being in control , very sure of herself. The man got up and walked to the bar and left my wife on the sofa, she looked at me and smiled then winked at me, she was definitely enjoying herself and the fact she had a few drinks helped her. I decided to call her mobile while the man was at the bar. She answered phone. “what’s going on Jas?” I asked.

She giggled “he’s buying me another drink”.

“Has he made any moves on you?” I asked.

“No he’s actually a really nice guy, he’s married and here in Leicester on business and hes from Birmingham” she said.

“Does he know your married?” I asked.

She started giggling and said “Why do you ask?”. She was tipsy and I could see she liked the feeling of being in control. “Well it doesn’t matter he hasn’t made any moves on you anyway” I said.

“Not yet he hasn’t” Jaspreet said as she giggled away.

“Oh ok you think you can seduce him into asking you to go to the room?” I asked trying to challenge her. “Hmm yeah if I want to” she replied back.

“Ok lets see if he does” I text her.

She replied back “be careful what you wish for” and finished that with another emoji winking. She enjoyed being in control, the conversations and the Nottingham experience we had previously, had worked. At that point the man came back with another drink. They spent the next 30 minutes talking and it really looked like my wife was having a good time with him, I could see she was tipsy and smiling and laughing, I think she forgot I was even there, she was sat next to him quite comfortably on the sofa. I tried to get her attention by texting her. “Whats happening now? Have you told him your married?”. I saw her look at the message and just put the phone down on the table. She totally ignored me. My feelings at this stage were quite mixed, she was in control and was ignoring me but at the same time I loved she was doing it. I sent another message “Ok tell him that your husband is on the way”. Again I saw her look at her phone and then put the phone on the table and continued to talk to him. I decided to approach them anyway and introduce myself. I walked over and saw them sitting on the sofa, he had his arm around her resting on the sofa, they were both laughing. “Sorry im late Jaspreet I got stuck at work” I said to my wife. They both turned and looked at me, my wife was smiling with a glint in her eye, he was smiling too. “Oh that’s ok , Johnathan has been keeping me company” Jaspreet said. “Jonathan this is my husband Manvir” she said to Jonathan. I took out my hand to shake his hand expecting him to get up, but he shook my hand and said hello and stayed seated very closely to my wife. “Hes always late” my wife said to Jonathan.

Jonathan said to my wife and me “well im glad he was, it gave me a chance to have a nice conversation with you”. I was quite surprised how confident he was, here he was sitting very closely to my wife ad he wasn’t started by my presence and my wife seemed comfortable with it too. I felt like I was the outsider. “Why don’t you get some drinks for us?” Jaspreet said.

“Oh ok, Vodka and cock for you?” I said to Jaspreet.

“Yeah and Jonathan ? do you want a whisky?” Jaspreet said to Jonathan.

“Yes Jamesons” Jonathan said to me. I walked to the bar and left them sitting quite snuggly on the sofa together. I got the drinks and walked back over to them, there wasn’t any space on the sofa so I sat on the opposite chair. They continued to talk , im not sure what about as I joined halfway through the conversation. “Really! No way” Jaspreet said to Jonathan as she put his hand on his chest. “Yeah she’s 23” Jonathan said.

“Can you believe he has a daughter who is 23? He doesn’t look old enough does he Manvir?” Jaspreet said to me. “Umm no you don’t” I said.

“Well you look really good, I wouldn’t think you had a daughter of that age, your in really good shape” Jaspreet said to Jonathan as she put her hand on his thigh.

“Thanks, that means a lot coming from you, your very attractive but you already know that, I bet you get that a lot” Jonathan said to Jaspreet as he put his hand on her knee. “Does she?” Jonathan looked at me whilst he said that , he still had his hand on her knee. “Yeah a fair bit” I said to Jonathan. “And do you have to fight them off” Jonathan said.

“Sometimes he doesn’t have to” Jaspreet said as she smiled at Jonathan. After a few minutes of chatting Jonathan went to make a call to his wife and we were left alone. We didn’t say anything but Jaspreet was smiling at me and she had a glint in her eye, she looked great. “Do you like him?” I asked. Jaspreet smiled and said “Yeah”.

“do you want to fuck him?” I asked Jaspreet.

“Maybe, isn’t that what you want?” Jaspreet said still smiling. When she was slightly drunk she was so dirty and loved to act like a slut.

“Yeah” I said. Then there was silence for what seemed like two minutes. We were just staring at each other, Jaspreet was smiling and giggling, she knew exactly what I was thinking and she was doing and I think she loved the fact that she was in control. Jonathan came back and sat down next to my wife. “Sorry about that, I just had to make call to my wife” Jonathan said to Jaspreet.

“Did you tell her that I was sitting next to you” Jaspreet said as she giggled.

“Oh she doesn’t need to know that” Jonathan said as he smiled at my wife, and then started to stroke my Wife’s knee. “Oh your bad, and naughty” Jaspreet said to Jonathan.

“Sometimes Im in a naughty mood” Jonathan said.

“Are you in a naughty mood right now?” Jaspreet said. When she said that her facial expression changed from Giggling and smiling to a look that was more needy and horny and she had a way of changing her eyes to “fuck me”, she was very seductive when she wanted to be. “You’ll have to wait and see” Jonathan said. All this flirting and talking was being done in front of me, they barley acknowledged my presence. I didn’t mind I enjoyed watching the show; I loved watching my wife seduce another man. “Why don’t we have a drink in my room, I have a bottle of wine” Jonathan said to Jaspreet. “Sounds nice” Jaspreet said. At this stage I wasn’t even sure I was invited as they didn’t look at me. Jonathan stood up first and then held his hand to help my wife out of her seat. She gave me her hand bag and said “Carry this for me darling”. At that point I knew I was going to join them. We walked to the room and down the corridor I walked behind them, my wife linked with Jonathans as they walked. Jonathan was about 6 foot and was in good shape. The hotel was quite large so we walked for what seemed like 5 minutes. They continued to chat and my wife continued to flirt. We got the to the room and Jonathan invited us in. I sat in a chair, and my wife sat on the sofa. “Come here” she said to Jonathan and gestured for him to sit next to her. Jonathan did what he was told and my wife started to unbutton his white shirt very slowly. As she did that she was saying “So are you in naughty mood right now?” to Jonathan.

“I think you have got me in a naughty mood” Jonathan said whilst my wife started to kiss his chest. My wife continued to sensually kiss his chest and unbutton his shirt. As she did that she looked at me and smiled, again she had a glint in her eye. She then stood up and sat on his lap while grinding her arse against his crotch. Whilst she was doing that Jonathan started to unbutton her blouse and was groping and caressing her breasts. Again she looked at me while she was having her breasts caressed by Jonathan. “Is this what you want?” she said to me. I didn’t say anything I just nodded. She then got on her knees and started to unzip his trousers, Jonathan stood up and his trousers hit the floor. My wife pulled his boxer shots down and then his white cock sprung up. “mmnnn its already hard” My wife said. She started to kiss his cock looking up at Jonathan. She then took his cock in his mouth while she was on her knees. Jonathan moaned with pleasure. As she started sucking him she looked at me with devilish look. “Do you like that?” she said to me. Again I said nothing and just nodded, at this point I was stroking my crotch. “Take your trousers off” my wife ordered me. As she sucked him I took my trousers off and started to stroke and wank my cock as I watched her sucking Jonathan’s cock. She was watching me as she sucked. She was in total control as she had both of us at her beck and call. This was completely different from our experience in Nottingham. My wife then pushed Jonathan onto the sofa and then seductively stepped out of her leather skirt she was just wearing a pink bra and matching pink lycra thong with her black fish net stockings . As she stood in front of Jonathan , he started to kiss her stomach and then proceeded to her thong which he took off with his teeth. Jonathan took out a condom from his wallet and my wife took it off him and ripped off the wrapper with her teeth and put the condom on him. My wife then pushed back on the sofa and climbed on top of him, she then slowly took his cock and then slowly lowered herself onto the cock. She then started to ride him slowly while Jonathan sucked and caressed her breasts. As she slowly rode him she turned her head towards me , she had a lustful look in her eyes. “Do you like this?” she said to me. I nodded as I stroked my cock. “do you like watching your wife fuck another guy?” she said. Again I nodded. She continued to ride him and stare at me. She then basically ordered me to come over to them which I did. As she rode him on the sofa I stood behind her kissing her neck and cupping her breasts. “Move to my arse make it wet” She said to me. She stopped riding Jonathan but his cock stayed inside her while I started to kiss and lick her arse and massage it. I then opened her cheeks and started lick around her hole, she yelped and cried out “Oh that feels so good!”. Jonathans cock was still inside her and he was busy licking and sucking her nipples whilst I licked around her hole, I then started to lick her arsehole make it wet. I then started to kiss her neck while I fingered her arsehole. “I want both your cocks inside me” Jaspreet yelled out. As she bent over and was on top of Jonathan I tried to push my cock inside her arse, whilst Jonathan was inside her pussy. He had stopped thrusting to allow me to push my cock in her arse. I moved my cock around her hole, it was wet and moist. I then slowly pushed my cock inside her and I was in. She Cried out “Oh!”. I continued to thrust and was now firmly in, I started to fuck her arse. Jonathan could see I was in and started to fuck her pussy. “aaaahhhhhhh!” my wife cried out, no matter how I try and describe the sounds my wife was making I cant, at the time she was absolutely screaming, most of the rooms near by must of heard. We both continued to fuck her holes and my wife was shaking her body was trembling, she must of cum. Johnathan and I continued to fuck her, I was close and thrusted deep inside her arse and came inside her. I tried to keep my cock inside her but as Jonathan was fucking her my cock slipped out. I sat back and lay on the bed. Jonathan continued to fuck her. My wife looked ready to cum again. She cried out to Jonathan “spank me!”. Jonathan obliged and spanked her arse a few times as she rode him. I looked up from the bed and I could see the cum seeping out of my wife’s arse. I could see from my wifes eyes she was ready to cum again and so was Jonathan. He let out a grunt , he had cum, the last few final thrusts and then stopped. My wife lay collapsed on top of him. They must have been in the position for a few minutes, my wife was trying to get her breath back her body still trembling. Jonathan then got up and picked up my wife from her hand and led her to the bed where I was lying. “That was amazing” Jonathan said. All three of us were lying in the bed on the sheets, me and Jonathan continued to play with Jaspreet’s body while we tried to recover our energy. It must have been half an hour but I actually dosed off. I woke up to see Jaspreet being fucked doggy style, she was facing the head board next to me, on all fours, Jonathan was holding her hair which was done up in a pony tail as he was fucking her. Again my wife was making all the right noises. “did you put a condom on?” I asked Jonathan.

“Yeah, don’t worry” he assured me. My wife didn’t say anything as he fucked her, he spanked her which drove my wife wild. I decided to get up and I started kissing and snogging my wife as he fucked her. As she kissed me and snogged me I could tell my wife had cum again. Jonathan said “Im ready to cum, im going to pull out and cum on you ok?”. As he said that I stood back I didn’t want his cum spraying me. Jonathan pulled out ripped his condom off and sprayed my wifes back and arse with his cum. We all three of us laid there for 30 minutes and we decided that we should go home although Jonathan invited us to stay the night and go in the morning but we decided against it as I had work. Jaspreet walked over to her clothes and tried to put them on , she could hardly walk. We got changed and said our good byes to Jonathan , Jaspreet snogged him before she left and I shook his hand. As we walked back to the car in the car park my wife clung onto me, she was knackered. I noticed her stockings were slightly ripped, anyone with half brain could see she had just been fucked. We walked back to the car and drove home at 2am. As we drove home my wife confided in me and told me that Jonathan knew from quite early in the evening that we were into sharing her and it wasn’t as spontaneous as I first thought. She laughed and said “But we didn’t want to tell you, and he played along”. This did explain a number of things on the night and explained why Jonathan wasn’t shocked or taken back at some of the things that happened. We got home and Jaspreet got a text message from Jonathan. “whats he say?” I asked Jaspreet.

She read the message “It was nice meeting you both and especially you Jaspreet”. She was too tired to even laugh and she collapsed onto our bed. I watched her as she closed her eyes, ripped stockings dishevelled blouse and leather skirt, she looked like a real slut, I thought im so lucky. I remembered I hadn’t even told her about my plans for Birmingham. After the experience we had tonight I was confident she wouldn’t mind my plans for Birmingham, she was definitely coming around to this lifestyle. I decided not to tell her, and just surprise her when we were in Birmingham.