Written by ben and julie

8 May 2012

I like fishing and spend much of my spare time and holidays trying to catch a few good ones. A lot of my friends I have met through the fishing club and I,ve become very close friends with one man in particular. Jeff is a couple of years older than me, a doctor and wealthier by far. Even though we may not move in the same social circles we have still become very good friends. He likes to break out get into an old pair of shorts and t shirt and talk sex and swear like he cant normally do. Anyway he owns a large catarmaran and often takes me out fishing on the reef. A year or so ago he told me I could borrow the boat and take it out anytime I wanted and in return he wanted to borrow my wife to take some photos. I had talked to him a number of times about how I liked to photograph Julie in the nude or scantily clad and he wanted to try it out. Nothing untoward he assured me just a few glamour photos. I assured him my wife was not all that glamorous although she has a good body and big tits but he still wanted to do it. At first Julie refused to do it but I promised her some enticement, a massage and facial and Jeff also chipped in some money for her to buy some new clothes for the shoot. The day came and I set off in the boat while he set off with my wife to a quiet spot on the river that I liked to take her to when I wanted to take photos. That night when she returned she was very quiet. I asked her how the day had gone and she just said fine. After some interrogation she finally confessed that she had posed nude for him. He had only taken a couple of shots before he asked her to remove her panties and things had gone downhill from there. It wasn,t long before he had her completely naked and she even let him have a feel of her cunt. I got the feeling she had enjoyed it but was worried what I would say. A couple of days later he called round our house and said how much he had enjoyed the day and asked if he could do it again. I left it totally up to Julie and she agreed. When he picked her up on that weekend it was like she was going on a hot date. She had her hair done, cunt shaved smooth and a tiny skirt that barely covered her bum. I checked as she went out the door and she had on a pair of sheer white panties. When she returned that night she had the skirt on still but no panties. As she sat beside me on the sofa her skirt was so short I could see her cunt. I slid my hand between her legs and her cunt was dripping wet. As I slipped my finger into the sloppy mess she kissed me her tongue probing my mouth. She practically raped me she was so horny. She tried to make me go down on her but I wouldn,t as I was sure she had been fucked and was still full of his cum. She admitted next day that they had fucked, several times in fact and that he had made her climax each time. I know I should have been angry and jealous but I wasn,t. apparently he had his hand on her cunt as soon as she got in his car and she soon had her pants off so he could finger her properly. She could see by the bulge in his pants that he was horny and then he slipped it out the leg of his shorts to show her he was hung. She couldn,t fuck him quick enough when she got a look at his stalk and sucked him off as he drove till eventually he couldn,t take it anymore. He pulled off the road got her in the back seat and gave her the first fuck of the day as trucks roared by blasting on their horns. Since that day he has fucked her countless times. She even comes out on the boat with us now and he fucks her in front of me. I don’t know where he gets the energy to service his wife he,s fucking mine so often. She was a little nervous about fucking him in front of me at first. We were on his boat and he had tried it on a few times during the day mostly when he thought I wasn,t looking but she had pushed him away. It was almost time to return to the marina and we were sitting on the back of the boat having a drink before leaving. We had had a swim and he and I had our swimmers on still. Julie had put on a dress and had taken her bikini off from under the dress so we were both aware she now had nothing but the dress on. I noticed Jeff just casually put his hand on her leg as we talked and very slowly he slid his hand higher and higher on her thigh. They must have both known I could see but Julie wasn,t objecting and now his hand was so far up her thigh I knew it must be brushing her pussy lips. I was trying to act as if I was unaware and luckily I was wearing board shorts to hide my erection. Jeff on the other hand had nylon swimmers, speedos, and his big cock was fully erect and making a big tent in the front of his swimmers. What about a few photos before we leave he said jumping up and grabbing his camera. I think he tried to make his erection less obvious while he got the camera but with a cock like his it wasn,t easy. Julie didn,t help as now the camera was out she was posing and showing plenty of cunt. After a few shots she asked Jeff to sit with her while I took a few shots. The first couple were tame but then she threw a leg across his lap opening herself up fully and Jeff instinctively put his hand on her snatch. Before long he was fingering her then fucking her while I caught it all on film. After that there was no longer any pretending they just fucked whenever they got the urge ignoring me totally so now shes as much his woman as she is mine. She likes his big cock and I like his boat so everyone is happy.