15 Sep 2016

Awhile back my wife and I were in a pub having a few drinks. It was a dark lighted place in the corner of the bar. We were into swinging just a few months. A friend of mine walked in. We worked together a couple years ago. A nice guy who was good looking and built well. We got talking and a little drunk. They were dancing and after he went to the men's room. I asked her if she liked him and she said yes. I could see that she was getting interested in him. We talked a little more and agreed to meet back at the pub the next week. We went home and she was really hot. She wanted to fuck that night and the next morning. I asked what got into you and she said what didn't get into me is what turned me on. My friend, I told her if she wanted I would ask him if he was interested in her. The next week we met him at the pub and we were drinking a bit. After awhile he said he had to go and would like to meet the following week. On the way home she told me that he stood behind her and he grabbed her hand and put in his pants. She said his cock had to be 9" or bigger and fat. When we got home she was wet and wanted to fuck. So the next week we met and I told him if he was interested there was no string attached. They danced and we talked and it was near closing and I went to the men's room. When I got back they were gone. I went outside and looked around. No one was out there so I knew they went to his place. He lived a few blocks away. I waited in the car thinking of what they were doing. It got me turned on and I started to wank myself, but I stopped before I came. I didn't want to waste a good hard on. She called me on the phone and I went over and picked her up. She told me to hurry home because his load was still in her and dripping down her thighs. She told me about what they did and I was about to burst a load in my pants. His cock was so big it hurt, but it hurt so good. When we got home we hurried to the bed room. She pulled up her short skirt and she had no panties on. She told me to clean it and then I could fuck her. I did so and she was moaning with pleasure as she came. I then got up and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. It felt so good I couldn't hold back I blew my load inside her. I pulled out my cock and she sucked the juices out of me and licked me clean. We met him a few times after that and had a great time. Our sex life is still great. We still swing and enjoy it. Next time, the couples and guys we met.