Written by bluejeans

28 Dec 2017

first of all I am no good at punctuation.seeing the story of the sauna at shaw reminds me of when they had mixed night and I took my wife,she wanted to have fun but different from the usual clubs ,so I arranged to take her for a night to see what happened.as we walked in we saw about 15 guys naked except for towels round there waists nicky my wife looked at me and said it looked like it was going to be fun,we got undressed and put our clothes in the locker ,and went into the steam room it was dark and full of men waiting for fun ,I then heard my wife sigh and say fuck me that's huge ,I turned round but was unable to see what was happening,all I could hear was men saying that's agood girl take his big cock and suck mine ,I soon heard nicky coming and could tell she was enjoying it all ,I then heard the guy say he was coming and spunked up her shaven pussy,there then started a push and shove noise as other men took her in her pussy and mouth we stayed like this for a while then nicky wanted a rest so we came out and went into a room with beds to lie down and rest.i went to the toilet leaving nicky on the bed and saw that the place was full of cock 18 up to 60 year old ,I was asked where the lady was and I just said resting and then I went to the toilet where I got sucked off by a young guy ,he was very well hung ,I would say a good 9 incher part 2 if you want to read it