Written by john

28 Nov 2010

I often thought about telling you this,but as it happened 30yrs ago,and it was a one off,i was and still am not sure if it would be of any intrest,even though the memory has given me plenty of happy wanks.My wife and i had just moved in together,we married a few years later,The thing with her was she loved to tease other guys,making out she would but up until this incident never did,Once a week she went to her sisters and i would pick her up,the way home took us through the local red light area,And she often commented how if she was ever that skint she would come here,and flog her pussy i knew she was only joking,And would reply that no one would stop. Then one night she came into the living room in a short skirt,blouse unbuttoned,and said take me there then and watch,she said if a car pulls up,she would go over and just say she was not a working girl,At first i was worried about the police,but she just said if it was she would just say she was on her way home from her sisters,and as long as she never actually went with anyone what could they do.The only thing was i had to be close by and pick her up when she was ready,I must admit the idea turned me on,I dropped her off at the end of the street,and even i was surprised how many cars pulled over,I picked her up and as soon as we got indoors we fucked like never before,and both agreed it was such a turn on,And it soon became a regular thing,the more it went on the more daring her clothes got,in fact the tops got so low that when she bent over her tits were clearly on display,Sex afterwards was always mindblowing,Then one night i dropped her off at the usual place,but by the time i had driven around the block,I just got back in time to see her actually getting into a car,As the car turned around i clearly saw the driver and was shocked to see he was only what i can describe as an orthodox jew,I was in a state of shock,as much by what she had done,But somehow i had never thought of them as wanting sex,I had no option but to sit there and wait,After what seemed an age but was probaly no more than ten mins,i saw the car come back into the street,pull over and she got out,She came straight over got in and said lets go home,As soon as we got indoors she took her clothes off and went straight to the bath,My own emotions were mixed,part annoyance part excitement,picking up her discarded clothes i found a crumpled ten pound note,Although she did not want to talk about it,it was a to bigger thing to let go,and demanded to know what happened,she began to cry,and said she cant explain why she done it,But she swore she only gave him hand relief,At the time you would get that for about £3 so i knew that was a lie,i told her that i found the £10,and said he must have fucked you,and as you had no condoms god knows what she may have caught,It was then she came clean,she had in fact give him a blow job,letting him come on her face and tits,which he wanted her to rub in which she did,I am not going to lie and say i was happy about it,and we never done that again,But as time went on whenever i thought about it i found myself having to wank,which i still do.Since that time we have never spoken about it again.and whenever i have suggested we try swinging i am met with a firm no,Still i am happy to know that since we have been together another guy has at least been satisfied by her,even though he paid