Written by g-man

17 Jun 2007

My wife is 41 years old slightly over weight and we have been faithful in our 19 year marriage.I have for sometime wanted June to sleep with another man,but she has always said no to the idea.She works in an office at a large airport along with three other men.One being her boss.She told me that one of the men called Alex had shown interest in her ,harmless flirting.Alex is 23 years old single and according to June he Has´nt got a girlfriend.I asked June to invite him for dinner some time.thinking he was lonely.June asked him round for dinner on Saturday.June laid on some great food with bottle of wine it was a comfortable atmosphere.After the meal we went to the local and the alcohol started to flow.June was showing the effect of alcohol at closing time as was Alex I don´t drink so I was the driver home as Alex was stay with us that night as he lives a long distance away.When we got home June went upstairs I followed her I saw that she had an eye for Alex and I asked her if she would entertain Alex tonight.She looked at me for a moment then said She would come to join us when she´s ready.I had idle chit chat with Alex I could hear our shower running about twenty minutes later June came into the living room.She had freashened up with fresh makeup and a calf length dress she looked stunning.She put some slow music on and turned the TV on with no sound there was a soft porno/love story being shown.She asked Alex to dance he looked at me but he refused.June made her way into the kitchen I followed her again I said she should dance herself she should try a striptease for us.We went back into thr living room and said to Alex what I had said .I was so embarressed,but Alex said´go on then if Dave(me) finds it OK he would love to see her stripping.She looked at me for approval I just nervously nodded not thinking she would do it.June started slowly dancing around the room and slowly removed her dress.She had put stockings suspender belt matching string and see through bra on .Alex had a good veiw of her tits through the bra.She went to Alex and beckoned him to unclasp the bra.She whiped it away.Then she sat beside Alex and said if you take my slip off my man get´s condoms we can then continue.I got the rubbers from our bedroom came down to find June with Alex head between her legs.We then took shots at June from both ends and in many positions it was great to see June enjoytng herself so much willingly taking it in her mouth and up her vagina.I had a super veiw as Alex took her from behind I could see him pumping her vagina like a stallion.