Written by Flipman

17 Feb 2007

This is about my first real sexual experience. As a young lad I was a bit on the small skinny side. One day I had to go to my Sisters friends place & wait for my Sister to turn up. She was going to be a couple of hours.

Mandy let me in, told me to sit down watch tv & shut up! Nice I thought! I sat on the living room floor & did as I was told. Mandy sat on the sofa reading a Girls mag. Out of the corner of my eye I could see mandy's long fit legs. (She was waring in little red mini skirt) My heart missed a beat when she uncrossed her legs & I got a short glimps of her little white lacy knickers. I sensed that she saw me looking & turned my head to the tv. Good job I was laying on my front because my cock was bursting. After a couple of mins I hade another crafty look. I couldn't believe what I saw. She was sitting there with her mag in her face. Opening & closing her legs. Giving me the best view possible. I couldn't tear my eyes away. Then I froze when she suddenly said, Are you looking at my knickers you dirty little git? I looked away & said no. I think I went very red! Well if I see you looking up my skirt again I'll come over there & do yer she said. With that she sat back put her mag up again & opened her legs wide, she peeked over the top & saw me looking again, chucked her mag down & said thats it you was warned.She walked over to me & said sternly, roll over on your back. I did as she said. She stood over me then sat down on my chest with her knees pinning my arms to the floor. Now then she said, how shall I punish you? I think I'll give you a closer view of my knickers seeing as you like them so much! With that she lifted herself up until I was staring straight up her skirt, her gusset only 8 inches from my face. I was shaking, my mouth was dry, I couldn't talk to complain if I wanted to. She lifted the front of her skirt & looked down at me. She said I'm going to sit on youe face now, I might let you have some air if your lucky. With that she lowered herself down. I'll never forget that special smell & her knicks were soaking. It a wonder I didn't drown. It was the start of some pretty hot times with Mandy. She always liked to be the dominant one. What a Girl!!!