Written by Me my wife and them

9 Apr 2016

Well where do I start it was my 28th birthday yesterday and my newly wedded wife decided she would pull a surprise party for me but with people I've never met, I woke up to a surprise day out on my own ?? So I knew something was going on at home just didn't know how kinky it would be, I came home to find all these half naked people in my house and my wife serving drinks wearing nothing but a purple tight corset, silky under wear and stockings so i don't say anything and I'm greeted with the usual surprise and my wife introduces me and by now I'm just shocked and she starts undoing my jeans and another couples parterners started helping then to I'm here surrounded by men women and my wife sucking my hard throbbing cock then more couples are fucking licking and sucking each other swapping and men sucking men and women licking women I'm in heaven so me being the birthday boy I'm getting the real works my wife has moved on and now I have this older woman with saggy but nice tits on top of me bouncing on my by now my about to explode penis and I see this guy with what I will say the biggest penis I have ever seen near my head and starts to push it closer to my face and just as I'm looking at my wife who is now being ploughed by guys I say fuck it and start sucking whilst still fucking this old woman then everything goes even more so wild I find my self on all 4s being licked stretched from behind a dick in my mouth and kath watching I never knew I had it in me best birthday of my life can't wait for kaths birthday she is not going to know what's fucked her thanks for reading