Written by Johncriso

4 Nov 2009

As you are aware from my first event with F (She Let Go 1) she wanted to be used and told what to do. So this is the 2nd part where I arranged with Jim to come round to the house for some fun last Saturday.

On Saturday morning F was very nervous as she made the coffee in the kitchen, me watching the beautiful curves that outlined her breasts and her bottom as well as her flat stomach. I got up and stood behind her and put my arms around her, she asked if I was ok about tonight but was very nervous as to what to do on the night, I said that it was not her choice as you wanted to be told what to do. She said she would like it to be like on the DVD, as she said this I had a hard on and it was against the cheeks of her arse, I slid a hand down to her pussy and inserted a finger, she gasped but was soaking wet, I whispered in her ear, tell me what you want to happen, She said she couldn’t it was embarrassing but as I put another finger inside her and held her tight I said what do you want!

She went into a dream like state and came out with wanting her hair pulled while she was being fucked with a cock in her pussy and one up her arse, she wanted me and Jim to come at least a few times over the night in her hair, face and breasts and she wanted to squirt as she now found out it turned me on. As she said this she came on my hand. I bent her over and rammed my cock right up her, she screamed that’s it use me, fuck me, I came within seconds of being inside her. We calmed down and caught our breath, as we came through the lounge I grabbed hold of her, I lay on the floor and told her to stand astride me and crouch over me and finger herself so I could watch the cum dripping out of her pussy, little droplets were falling on my chest, I told her to think of all the spunk she was going to have tonight and maybe Jim & I might not be enough to satisfy her and I was going to get another male to join us, as this was said she came again pushing two fingers deep inside her. After holding her for a while as we calmed down we got dressed and of she went to the hairdressers.

As soon as she was away I was on the phone to the other two males to see if they were free tonight, you guessed it they were free, I told them about Jim and agreed to meet them all at the local at 7.

6.30 came and F came down the stairs looking so stunning, she had a tight fitting yellow hugging type dress with hold ups and some very nice painted high healed shoes. I then told her I had to meet Jim at the pub so I could show him the way as he was lost (We live in a very secluded area with no numbers on the door) When I got there the lads were there all standing by themselves at the bar. I introduced them and we sat at a table and told them this was the first time for her and although she wanted to be used for there pleasure if I said stop they had to. We only had a pint and then went to the house. I called out that we were back, music was playing but no answer, as the lads were offered a seat in the lounge I went upstairs thinking the obvious but she wasn’t there, I was getting worried then noticed Fay in the garden, so went out to see if she was ok, she was shaking saying god I’m so turned on but frightened, I told her she could pull out and lets just have a drink with them. She said them!!!! This freaked her, I held her and kissed her hard as she was about to say something she fought a little but melted and put her arms around me. Just then Jim came up and said excuse me are you ok? I told him about Fay not knowing about the others and she was shocked at what I had done. Jim said ok let me go and get the others and let’s just have a drink and relax out here, before we could say anything he was away up the garden. Fay was shaking and said Jim seems nice but I don’t know about the others, she just got the words out when they came out and held there hand out to shake hers complimented her on her dress and body. John piped in with we wont do anything tonight so you can relax and get to know us, Paul confirmed the same but said it was a pity cos you are one hot lady. Fay seemed to relax and said thank you, then noticed we males didn’t have a drink. I flew into the kitchen to get some cans, the window was open and I could here lots of laughs from all Paul’s jokes. This seemed to relax everyone and after about an hour we went inside as it was getting chilly. Fays nipples were standing out and all the lads noticed, Paul once again said he would love to tuned them in, Fay went a bit red but seemed to take the banter given then excused herself to go to the ladies. After a few mins I went up to see if she was ok and she was coming down the stairs, I said sorry for what Id done but she amazed me by saying once your finished up there come down and kiss me like the DVD, I was stuck to the carpet as she went into the room, Did I hear her right, I did.

When I came back down I came up behind her, put my arms around her waist and said these lads want to fuck you and I think you are relaxed in there company now, I then raised my hands to her breasts and squeezed them in front of the lads and said come on lads stop staring, start enjoying her. Paul came up to her and said do you want to have some fun or are you being forced to do this? I just pushed her head against his and told her to kiss him. That was it, you could hear her moaning as she snogged him, the other lads came either side of her and were stroking her body and unzipping there flies to get there cocks out so she could wank them, Paul had raised her dress well above her bottom squeezing her arse, from behind her it was a fantastic site especially when Jim got his hand on her pussy and was driving 2 fingers up her cunt, she was on her tip toes, legs apart as much as possible so she could give access she had already gushed by the look of it as her legs were soaking and she was screaming as she came again. The lads had stripped off during rest periods from all of them kissing her body. She was now placed on the coffee table, legs apart Jim was down on her licking her cunt out as if there was no tomorrow, John had fays head back and was fucking her mouth as well as pulling her hair telling her to take it all babe, Phil was talking dirty to her and telling her to suck harder and come like a slut should but was also sucking on her breasts and fingering her clit when Jims face was further down. I was stroking my cock and thanking god I had come this morning. They moved Fay onto the floor, John lay on his back and grabbed hold of her and told her to sit on his 8 inch cock when she was fully impaled on him he grabbed her neck to pull her down to his face to kiss her but told one of them to get up her arse and lets give her a good fuck. Pete placed his cock at her arse and slid right up her she screamed I’m coming and squirted all over John’s body. Paul got on his knees and grabbed hold of her hair to lift her face up and pushed his cock in her mouth, they fucked her like a rag doll and then, as if it was a debate, talked as if she wasn’t there as to where their cum was going to go, Fay shouted out where you all are now, come on fuck me. That was it all the lads gave there final thrusts and came in all her holes. As they calmed down, Fay rolled onto her back, legs apart, I knelt down between her legs her cunt was gaping open as well as her arse, I fingered her scooping out the cum and wiping it on her belly then fucked her, the lads were geeing me on telling me to fuck her cunt good as I was about to come Fay said come on give me your spunk over my breasts, that was it out of her pussy and jetted out spurts of cum all over her. She rubbed it in and we were all knackered.

That night will be in my memories for ever, Fay and I are more or less a couple now but she has gone back to being her quite self this week so will let you know if anything else happens.