Written by Paul R

3 Jul 2017

My wife Liz, a G.P. Is always saying that if a woman gets too drunk to say NO, then it's her fault if something happens, even if she is not on her own. Words that came back to bite her.

We had a long weekend recently on the Isle of Wight, using a friends mobile home, the sort that goes nowhere. Liz is normally quiet but sociable, not the loud sort but still joins in. No beauty queen but tall, slim, great figure when she cares to show it and a super smile. Her natural blond hair just reaches her shoulders. At forty three she still has great skin.

The park where the mobile was set has it's own bar etc, but on the second night we took a cab into town for dinner and a drink first, then back to the site for some drinking and, for Liz, dancing. I tend to make dad dancing look good and prefer to ogle Liz while she dances.

After several drinks we were in our normal roles, Liz seldom short of dance partners, but on this particular night they were all rather younger. I was a little surprised at how much hands on was being allowed until I realized Liz had a drink on at least two other tables, not just ours. She was getting unusually deep into her cups, and seemed to be enjoying herself.

At closing time would you believe we had an invite to another mobile on site, to carry on the party. And Liz was assisted to get there by a couple of young chaps while I was verbally entertained by two more, while the last two wandered on ahead to open up.

I am sure you can fill in most of what happened, one of the chaps hinted at the chances of me letting them seduce Liz, and I simply told him what she thought about drunk women. He smiled craftily, and passed me another beer.

I answered natures call and took my time, and as expected, when I returned Liz was just hanging on to her halter neck yellow dress, which was unzipped all the way down her back. Her perky if small breasts were being rubbed gently and her arse grabbed. Liz was quite happy and still swaying to the music.

A tall brown haired chap slowly led my wife toward the main bed room at the far end of the mobile, where there was a double bed in the middle of the far wall. He unclasped the halter neck and Liz was suddenly in just her pale yellow panties, which were soon removed as she slowly slid down onto the bed. It was then I could she that her eyes were unfocused.

I know I had let things go too far but then, what man does not want to see his beautiful wife enjoyed by other men? And I have told you her views on the matter. And my cock was rock hard.

In no time Liz had a young man finger fucking her with three or four fingers, making her orgasm before climbing on top and ramming his hard on all the way in in one push. My wife was going to be well fucked.

Liz's legs were pushed apart, lifted up, laid straight, she was face fucked, taken from behind and on her side. No one asked, they just shot cum load after cum load into her as they took turns, while Liz simply went along with it, not really resisting or encouraging, just cumming time and again as I shot my load onto the floor.

Liz is not a fan of oral but a few times someone held her head and fucked her mouth like she had no say in the matter, and twice, as her mouth was filled with cum, she choked and coughed but had no let up, it was swallow or dribble, and I must say she looked like an incredible slut with cum dripping off her chin and balls bouncing off it.

I asked the chaps not to take pictures with her face in them, although I took a few myself, and they were fine with that. I just had to leave their faces out too.

I have no idea what time we left but it was several minutes where thankfully we were not seen staggering back to our own mobile. Liz looked a mess.

It was a very sheepish Liz that sat up in bed with a coffee listening to my tale of the night before. And her face when she saw the pictures was just brilliant. Shocked and ashamed. The picture of her with a dark skinned chap's cock shooting into her open mouth while, at the same time, a fit looking body was pounding away between her legs making her breasts blurred in the picture, had her stunned for more than a minute.

I have noticed that the prints I made and put in her wardrobe are no longer in the same order, so she does look at them! Her only comment on the night is an apology, and I do not push the subject, but I am sure, if the chance arose, she would do it again. I would love it.