Written by Ian

8 Jul 2013

Like many men who read this website, I have dreamt of my wife Paula being fucked be another man or men. However, I have never managed to get the courage to suggest such a thing to her. What I’m about to tell you, brought my dreams to a reality last month.

Let me describe Paula first. She is 46, 5/4, short black hair, brown eyes, 36c tits and has a hairy bush though she keeps it trimmed but not shaven. We married 25 years ago, and decided, although, not the date of our anniversary, to have a couple of weeks in the sun after this long and wet winter.

We booked a kind of bedsit apartment in what we thought was a quiet resort, but it turned out to be anything but, so we just went along with the atmosphere and enjoyed it anyway.

The night that my dreams were answered, happened on the 5th night of our stay. Previous to this night, we had done the tourist venues, but on the 5th day, we decided to rest and go out on the night. We found ourselves in a bar, with dancing and music, we had a table, but when the place filled up, we found ourselves in the company of 3 young men from Birmingham, 1 of them white and 2 black, it seemed from their conversation, they had been coming here for 3 or 4 years, though they were only 21 or 22 years old. They struck up conversation with us and seemed very pleasant. I hate dancing, well to be precise, I’m hopeless at dancing, you know, like your dad at weddings. Well Paula loves to dance and when asked by one of the lads if she wanted to, she jumped at the chance.

After they returned, the lads were joined by a couple of locals with whom they had stuck up a friendship over the years, so now there were 5 of them sitting with Paula and myself. One of the Turks, was Ahmed and a very handsome lad he was, he was squashed in sitting on Paula’s side so that their bodies seemed joined. He asked Paula to dance and they left us for the dance floor. When they returned, a noticed Paula’s blouse was out of her waist band and the buttons opened a little more than previously.

I excused myself to get a bit of “cool” air if you can call it cool, but it was cooler than inside. When I returned, I went to the toilet and as there was no room at the urinal, used a cubicle. I hadn’t been there seconds when I heard the cubicle next to mine, open and 2 voices as two of the group of young men with us shared a pot together.

Jimmy said, “we can fuck this old bitch if we play our cards right”

I was all ears, and then came back the answer from Carl, “how, what about the old man”

Jimmy, “how, is that she looks like she has the hots for Ahmed, and second, we get the old fart pissed”.

I waited for them to go and followed them back to the table, where Paula who was obviously merry with the drink, was laughing and joking with Ahmed. The drinks started coming for me, and fortunately, I have always been able to hold my liquor, but went along with the plan I’d heard. So by 11pm, I was showing signs to the lads as being wrecked and Paula was a little more merry that before. The lads suggested that they help Paula get me home and as we were no more than 10 minutes away walking, two of them supported me whilst two walked with Paula and the other ones walked a bit in front as if leading the way.

Once inside the apartment, I was lowered into a chair facing the bed and the music again started with Ahmed dancing with Paula. This time however, his hands were more tactile and kept pulling her to him wanting to kiss her. Whether it was the drink, she did kiss him but I herad her say that she was married and it would be a little kiss. I was sort of looking through “pissed eyes” not shut but not fully open, just enough to see the events unfurling.

I heard him say not to worry, I was pissed and would know anything, so she gave in a little and as they kissed, he worked on her body with his hands. Even from my seat, I could see that the atmosphere, the alcohol and this man’s charms were having an effect.

He started kissing her neck and his hands roamed over her bottom, then I saw one slip between their bodies, obviously trying to undo her belt and waistband.

“Don’t, I’m married”, Paula whispered, then let out an ohhh…”no please don’t ……ohhhhhhhh” the sighs, getting longer.

I could not see what his hand was doing, but I can only assume, he had undone her belt and waistband and unzipped her trousers and had is hand in her pants. Paula again breathed, “No, please don’t, please stop, ohhhhhhhh, no don’t, please stop, I’m married, my husband is there in the chair…….ohhhhhhhhhh” Her mouth hung open when she moaned. She had remembered me, bu completely forgotten about the others in the room as she protested that she was married, but her resistance was almost nil now.

I could see that Ahmed was now pushing her trousers and panties down with on hand as he held her with the other, the music had stopped long ago and the room was quiet except for Paula’s heavy breathing and her halfhearted protesting.

Still kissing her neck, he had found one of her switches and had turned her on 15 minutes ago. Now her trousers and panties were mid thigh and she was trying with one hand to pull them back up and still offering some little defence, but Ahmed, now had his fingers combing her hairy bush. She tried one last time “please please don’t do this, please stop I’m married……ohhhhhhh nooooooo…..ohhhh…please don’t…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” but even as she was saying this, she was spreading her legs to allow his fingers access to her fuck tube. I could see by his hand movements, that he had found his goal and now Paula had both of her hands on his shoulders, biting her lip as he fingered he fuck hole and clit.

Ahmend was subtle, he stopped his fondling of her cunt and kissed her and again but this time long and passionate with his tongue in her mouth , but Paula started to rub herself against him, trying to finish what he started. Ahmed then motioned with his hand, and the others now moved in. Her trousers and pants were removed whilst she stood, and they all started feeling her cunt and kissing her legs and bottom. Paula was now in a state of over stimulation and was crying out to be fucked. Her blouse and lace bra was removed and she was carried to the bed where these five young studs continued to stimulate every part of her body.

As Jimmy got his head between her legs, Ahmed undressed, and he motioned Jimmy to move away. He positioned himself between Paula’s legs and just eased his cock into her, no condom, simply bareback, he fucked her only a few minutes to the chorus of fuck the slut, fill her cunt, breed the bitch, till he tensed and filled my Paula’s cunt with Turkish spunk. His place was taken quickly by the other Turk and he did the same, in fact all 5 fucked her only briefly before filling her cunt with their seed, non wore a condom. In the space of 20 minutes, she had been ravaged before my eyes.

Of course they were not finished, and during the next 4 hours, my hitherto faithful wife of 25 years and been fucked over and over, sucked 5 cocks 3 or 4 times each. She had taken how many loads of spunk, I don’t know. I actually did fall asleep but as I woke up, I heard her pleading “please, don’t fuck me any more, I can’t take it, please let me sleep”, and that is what they did. I got up when they left, and looked at her, exhausted, legs spread wide, spunk running from her gaping red and sore looking cunt, spunk caked around her mouth, her body bathed in sweat, with bite marks on her breasts. I took some photos to remind me of this event.

As I got into bed beside her, she moaned “no no, please no more I can’t” WE slept most of that day and she never said anything to me and I didn’t mentioned it to her, but maybe I will show here the photos sometime and see if she wants to try it again.

I’m sorry if you wanted more description of the fucking etc, but it was simply 5 man seduced my wife and fucked her senseless over 5 hours whilst I was supposed to be sleeping