10 Mar 2016

In February I posted my first story about when I started to suspect or accept that my wife was seeing someone else. I have not asked her directly but have made the odd remark when we are having sex. A year ago I noticed she was part shaving herself and seemed more up for it. Instead of twice a month. Twice a week and also her pussy seemed a little easier to slide into.

The last week or two she has shaved more of herself leaving just a thin strip above. Looks lovely, she is younger than me and is a good looking girl. I'm 54 she's 37.

She has darted directing me in the bed telling me how she likes it and we need to get me some viagra. She now likes having her bum fingered. Before that was out of bounds plus she has produced a buttplug. Which she says makes sex better for her. She would never walk into a shop to buy one so someone has given it to her and used it on her. I don't know if this guy has a bigger cock than me or if she is just getting a bit looser through more use. It has improved our sex life loads and I am enjoying the thought of someone else fucking her. Gives me a horn everytime I think about it. I don't know if she will ever admit to it and I don't think I want her to. It's her secret and we are all benefitting from it.