Written by Sluttysmith

25 Mar 2018

I enjoy telling my stories on here, it’s not like I can tell my friends what I get up to!

There’s the knock at the door, I’m wearing stocking, suspenders, heels, skirt and a white vest top, with no knickers or bra! My hair is down so you know I want it rough today!

I open the door and there you are, you kiss me on the lips grab my hair and take me to the kitchen. You tell me to squat down as you unzip your jeans and take out your cock. Now make me hard bitch you say, I do as I’m told, I take your cock in my mouth and start to suck. You hold my hair with one hand and with the other hand you caress my tits. Your now thrusting your hips and pouring yourself into my mouth, but then your firm, as you hold me in place as your cock is at the back of my throat, you moan as a start to gag, that’s right you say gag on my cock, you release me as I drool all down my chin and tits, you slap my face twice and ask did I give you permission to stop, no I said, you thrust your cock back in my mouth and fucked my mouth hard, this made me so wet in my pussy as I love a good face fuck. You lead the way to my bedroom as we undress, you lay on my bed and tell me to suck your cock, I take both your balls in my mouth too. Your about to cum and you want me to swallow your cum this time, I do as I’m told and swallow your cum. We relax for a bit, kissing, arse spanking, face slapping, cuddling and chatting, until your ready to go again! We’re going for 69 with you on top so I can take you fully in my mouth as you lick and finger my dripping wet pussy! You make me squirt so well, like a good little slut! Your now balls deep in my pussy as you fuck me hard, I love to ride your big hard cock as you hold me in place by your hand being on my throat, this time you cum all over my face, I then gladly lick your cock clean and use my fingers to clean my face. Licking my lips! Making you moan and sucking your cock turn me on soo much!