Written by willieJ

4 Apr 2015

Well I have visited Shirley & Billy the couple who I met at my darts match, I phoned and we arranged a meet at there local. All week I had a lot of wanks thinking of my shag in the back of their car. (see story My sons GF2) Well all went well we all knew what we wanted, Shirley very tactile her hand never left my inner thigh all evening. With the result of course I was rock hard by the time it came for me to go home, Billy again offered to take me home I grinned knowing what would happen when we got into the car. Well we didn`t even leave the car park of the pub Shirley was so eager for a fuck I pulled of her top and bra to get to those big bouncy tits and suck on those lovely big cherry nipples. Billy sat watching as Shirley pulled my cock out and sank down to give me a good sucking, bliss. Billy now climbed in beside us pulling up Shirleys skirt and pulling her tights and panties down and started to fuck her from behind. I put my hand down between her legs to find her cunt and met Billys cock I slid my fingers over his cock into her. Now Shirley was bucking like a rabbit her big tits quivering in my face her hand on my cock I couldn`t hold back any more and shot my load into her hand. Shirley shouted keep fucking me Billy and her husband banged her hard, I had a mouthful of tit, I so love big bouncy tits. Soon Shirley was groaning and with a shout Billy came and she quivered with her orgasm.

Billy drove me back to mines I invited them in but they said they had to go back as they had a sitter in for their kids. Shirley still topless said I will phone and we can have another meet and she jiggled her tits at me. Well she did phone exactly 2 hours later just as I was about to fall asleep and we made arrangements again and then she gave me a long dirty phone call about what her and Billy were doing now to each other. She passed the phone to Billy and by the shortness of his breathing knew she was sucking him off. Of course he said I bet you wish you were here having Shirley do to me what she was doing to him. I heard him groan and he gasped saying he had cum in her mouth my spunk is dribbling from her mouth going over her tits, well yes by now I was good and hard and my hand was giving my meat a bit of attention. Now he wanted to know was I wanking, how was I doing it quick slow what, was I thinking of Shirley or the both of them? By now I wan`t far of cuming myself, my thoughts of Shirley sucking me as Billy fucked her from behind. Then Billy said did I tell you Shirley takes it up the arse at that I again shot my load.

We are to meet up next week I am going to theirs and stay over my mind is in overdrive.