Written by lost_husband

6 Oct 2011

I right this in total shock but absolute excitement as I have found out that my wife has been having several affairs over the years. I will quickly tell you a bit about us we are Nicola and Paul both 37 and have been together for 19years so if you do the math we got together when we were both 18. Things were very tough at the beginning both earning a low wage we struggled in a small flat above a shop. Nicola used to pay the rent as mark (the landlord) would come round on a morning and I was always at work. My now wife has told me now that he was the first to have her while we have been together.

All this has come to light because I found some e mails from one of her former lovers. The e mail said Nicola I’m coming back to the uk and would love to meet up with you . Perhaps we could get a room and rekindle our secrete relationship and was sent 1st of September. I scrolled through the rest of her email and found her reply which said I’m now married to Paul but would love to meet up again and yes we can get a room I will book one. I also found a booking for a hotel that was about twenty miles for were we live and was for Tuesday 20th September. I was on a day shift at work that day and Nicola would have been on a day off. On the Sunday Nicola said that she had to go into work on the Tuesday as she needed to travel to Manchester for a meeting and would see how tired she was and might stay over. But would return Wednesday for work on the afternoon so would be home Wednesday night. I just said ok. I already knew that she was lying but thought I would see what happens. I have always had a fantasy of my wife having sex with another man but have never mentioned it as I always thought she was so prim and proper.

The Tuesday came and I went off to work with my usual kiss and a quick feel of her pussy and tits. Nicole said that she would try and phone me but if the meeting went on to long then she would phone me on Wednesday before setting off for home but that was nothing unusual . The day dragged and I could not wait to get to the hotel . At about 3pm Nicola phoned me to say she had arrived in Manchester safely ( no were near were we live or were she had booked the hotel )The meeting was expected to last until about 9pm so she would be staying over for sure. I finished work a 6pm and drove to the hotel I knew that Nicola would be either there or would be on her way so went strait to the back of the car park. I had a look around but could not see her car, I sat and waited and sure enough her car pulled in to the car park at 6 30pm closely followed by another car. Nicola pulled in to a space and the other car pulled up along side her. The both got out and the guy was about 6 foot tall and was very broad across his shoulders . He looked like he used the gym on a regular basis . He walked up to her before giving her a big kiss I could see his hand rubbing over her arse and then he pushed it up her top and quickly found her tit. They carried on like this for about 5 minutes then got their bags out of there cars and walked in to the hotel reception. I sat in the car until 7 30pm then decided to make my way home. Just as I got in the phone rang and Nicola said that because she was staying over she had got the Wednesday off work so would be home about 12pm.

On the Wednesday I took the car to the local shops and left it in the car park then walked home . I then went and sat in the spare room. My wife got in just after mid day and came strait up stairs and began to run a bath . I herd her put her cloths in the laundry basket and then close the bathroom door. I waited until I herd her get in the bath and crept out of the spare room. I opened the laundry basket and took out her under wear her black knickers had a very sticky gusset and were very wet . At this point I walked in to the bathroom to confront her with what I had read on the e mail and seen. At the hotel Her face went white and she looked shocked . I asked her how many times she had slept with this other man and she said she had not seen him for about 6 years but that they had an affair lasting about fourteen month before he had moved to France to work .My cock was by now straining to be out and as I could not think of away to tell her I actually enjoyed the thought of her having sex with some one else I just pulled my trousers down and the held her knickers up to my face. Her hand started to stroke my cock and while she was doing it I told her that I wished I had of got the chance to make love to her before she went in the bath. Her reply sent me over the edge. She told me that over the years I have made love to her after several men had been with her though not all at the same time we have now spent the last few weeks with her telling me about the different men that she has slept with since we have been together

It all started off with our old landlord (mark) way back when we were in that small flat above the shop and we could not afford the rent. Mark had threatened to evict us from the flat . Nicola had pleading with him not to evict us he had said he would reduce the rent if she agreed to sleep with him. On a regular basis We lived in the flat for two years and mark started to fuck her after the first year. He would call round once a week to collect the rent which he reduced by twenty pound a week in return for one hour in bed with Nicola. Part of the agreement was that he was allowed to do what ever he fancied. mark was about forty single and Nicola tells me that she used to struggle to get his cock in her pussy as it had a large girth and when he cum it was like a fountain. Mark liked to cum in her mouth and make her swallow it all but she could not swallow fast enough and it would drip on to her tits . Nicola said it was the fun of make telling her what to do and been force full that has made her turn to other guys for the sex as I am just not force full enough. Mark use to some time make her ride his cock with out a condom on and say it was to find out if she had been a good girl and remembered her pill.

The guy who she met at the hotel on the Tuesday was actually about the tenth bloke to of had her since that first time with mark. i will post part two when i come back from my holidays