Written by clivion

6 Apr 2009

I am a happily married man and enjoy sex like most of do. I am fifty six now and a couple of years ago I had a shock.

I had been doing some garden work with a male friend and afterwards we came in to wash up. I was at the sink washing down when I felt a hand come round and grab my cock. At that time it was at rest but to my surprise it stiffened instantly as he started wanking me very slowly. Ok guys most of you guys are thinking that before now he would have been out cold on his back but for some reason I just stood there and let him carry on. In now time I knew I was about to start pumping my load so stopped him.

I turned round and he had a huge cock. Mine is pretty impressive but this was huge. He sat on the edge of the bath and signalled me to sit in front of him. I did as directed and his cock was now a few inches away from my mouth. As if by instinct I took it in my mouth and started to suck and lick as if I had done it a hundred times before.

I was shocked at the way this all felt and I was shaking with pleasure as he became even harder. Somehow I knew he was about to cum and he tried to pull out but I had a hand on his buttocks stopping him. Suddenly he got as hard as hell and started pumping until cum was filling my mouth and running down my neck. I swallowed.

That was the first time I had even considered myself in need of giving a blow job. We met several times after this and took it in turns to suck and swallow. He has moved away now and so I have only met a couple of other guys and do enjoy the ecstasy and taste of cum.