Written by maxblythe

13 Jan 2013

After the weekend away I didn't see Shona or Ashley to speak to ,I have to admit that I was concerned that fucking the next door neighbour was fraught with danger ,but hell they were both genuinely hot ,and loved sex .After a couple of days Shona sent an email basically saying it had to end ,she hoped I would understand but she dare not risk being found out .I felt a bit sad 'cos Shona was good fun and amazing in the sack ,but it was incredibly risky ,maybe that was part of the fun !!!

It was about 4 weeks later when I received another email ,this time from Ashley ,we arranged to meet for lunch in town ,finally ending up back at her flat. All through lunch it was unclear what she wanted, however as she returned with coffee it became clear ,she had removed her dress and reappeared in lace underwear ,stockings and heels .Within seconds she was in my lap ,her lips locked on mine ,tongue darting in my mouth ,her hands literally ripping my clothing from me ,finally homing in on her target ,a groan escaping her throat as she roughly grabbed my prick ,rock hard and pulsing between her fingers .Lifting her lithe body I lay her on her sofa ,and removed her bra and knickers as she fed my tool into her hungry mouth ,pulling from her I knelt my tongue entered her pussy ,lapping eagerly tasting her juice and quickly bringing her to a shuddering climax ,as she squirmed on my tongue I pulled away instructing her to kneel in front of me and to feed me into her wet pussy .As her hand grabbed my tool she fed me quickly into her dripping gash ,as she loosened her grip I plunged the full length into her ,pumping hard giving her just what she wanted "tell me what you want ?" each word accompanied with a long hard thrust ,each thrust drew a moan ,"come into me ,please don't pull out ,like last time ,shoot into me " .As I held her tiny waist my hands virtually encircle her slender body ,pulling her back to me on each long stroke ,she was now climaxing again ,shuddering and trembling now was the time to change her position .Turning her again I lay her onto her back and slid quickly back into her ,lifting her slim legs onto my shoulders ensuring her pussy was stretched tight ,and would feel every tiny movement .She was like a rag doll allowing me to fuck her however I desired ,first slowly almost pulling out before sliding back in balls deep ,a slight pause then the same again ,replaced by quick hard thrusts which quickly bring her back to the boil .Her eyes bored into mine like lasers ,watching my every reaction ,smiling I spoke " do you want me to come ? are you ready ?" the strokes long and deep ,her back arching to ensure she got the full length each time ,she nodded ,obviously nearing another spasm ,her eyes closed a long moan from her throat.My balls were like rock ,ready to explode the pace frantic my climax beating hers by a split second ,her pussy tight as each spurt went deep ,so much that now each time I pushed forward spunk was forced out and ran down between her cheeks .As her legs dropped I slumped forwards ,seeking her mouth ,she kissed deep and long ,her breathing quick and heavy ,gasping for air still feeling her own climax ,sliding from her I watched my juice drip from her . She seemed to lay motionless for an age ,then opening her eyes she smiled " fucking hell how good was that ," then clamping her hand to her pussy she went to clean up ,returning in her robe as I finished dressing .

We had a coffee and she said that she would contact me soon for a repeat ,and then casually asked whether I would bring the wife to a party at her mum's house New Year's Eve ,the invite apparently was from her mum and dad ,and she thought it would seem odd if I refused . I said I would ask her who must be obeyed and get back to her ,she said that I should just tell her mum and with that I left with plenty to think about !!! Over tea that night I asked my wife who said she would love to go ,so that was that ,fucking hell promises to be one hell of a do.I contacted Shona by email the following day ,giving her the news regarding the party and asked if she was sure she wanted us at her party she replied definitely ,so the deed was done .

Christmas passed in the usual eating and drinking frenzy and the night finaly arrived ,I have to admit to a certain excitment ,how would the evening go ,well only one way to find out . The party was in full swing when we arrived ,Shona let us in and the first surprise was she wore the black dress from our weekend ,I handed over our bottles and we were ushered into the lounge ,which was packed with people dancing to already loud music .my wife joined the female neighbours I went to the kitchen for drinks . Ashley was on the bar and gave me a welcome kiss and handed over the drinks ,"you could give me a hand if you would " I nodded indicating I would deliver the drinks and return ,which I duly did ,to be asked to bring some crates from the garden .Stumbling in the dark I felt a hand brush my thigh ,turning to see Shona ,a finger to her lips ,a quick kiss and she turned and went back to the house ,having retrieved the beer I to joined the party .The evening was a riot ,huge volumes of alcohol and dancing and food ,everyone seemingly intent on being pissed before midnight ,I danced with virtually all our neighbours ,but ensured I danced with the missus as midnight approached . At midnight everyone swapped kisses and immediately got back to the drinking which was starting to take its toll Shona's husband was fast asleep in the conservatory ,likely not to surface again before morning . My wife had done well but was beging to wane ,I suggested we went home but she was adamant we should stay ,even pouring more wine ,I took her into the conservatory which was quieter and had comfortable seating . As I suspected she slipped into sleep as soon as she sat ,I removed her wine and settled back for a quiet drink before leaving ,as I had to admit I felt just a little fragile .I slowly climbed the stairs to use the loo ,waiting on the landing as the loo was in use ,fuck I was pissed ,as the door opened one of Ashley's friends tottered out ,certainly worse for wear ,"oh hello ,you're Max " throwing her arms around my neck ,"I'm Angie ,from up the road " ,before I could respond I heard Shona's voice ,then she appeared and peeled the girl from my neck . As she took her down the stairs she told me to wait where I was ,I was dying for a pee so went into the loo ,and was in the process of relieving myself when she returned ,just staring at my cock as I finished " when can I have that again " she murmered ,I pulled her to me and slipped it into her hand ," whenever you want I whispered " kissing her hard as she pulled at my prick ,"make it soon please " she whispered ,releasing my prick she went back to the party . I rejoined my wife and attempted to revive her ,all without success ,Shona came in and suggested thet if I could help her get her husband upstairs then we could sleep on the sofas in the conservatory . Putting Dave over my shoulder I carried him upstairs ,putting him on the bed ,Shona passed me two duvets and I went downstairs ,covering my wife as she snuggled on the sofa .I went into the kitchen to grab a coffee as the last of the guests left ,Ashley offered to make me one whilst I went next door to make sure everything was locked and safe ,returning the coffee was made and Ashley had gone off to bed .I was just washing my beaker when Shona reapeared in the kitchen,she was no longer in her dress but ready for bed ,fortunately she had a dressing gown wrapped tightly around her . Flicking her wrist the belt parted and she was naked under the robe ,pulling me to her she extinguished the lights and in one swift movement opened my zip and retieved my cock from my trousers " fuck me ,now " . Fortunately her lips were tight to my ear ,"come into the lounge " dragging me by my cock through the open door She closed the door without a sound ,sat me on a dining chair the straddled my thighs inserting my prick into her soaking fanny .This is the fucking woman worried about getting caught ,bouncing on my cock in her fucking lounge ,husband upstairs and my wife two rooms away !! I stopped her "we are fucking mad ,get off and go to bed before we get caught " lifting her from me she just nodded ,fastened her robe kissed me and left .I joined my wife ,got on the other sofe and attempted to sleep despite the deep snoring opposite ,my wife was dead to the world ,another coffee was required quietly entering the kitchen I put the coffee machine on ,settling back awaiting the brew .I heard the stairs creak and imagined it would be Ashley ,not so it was Shona back again ,this time I could not send her away ,leaning her over the counter I slid easily into her from behind ,straight up to the balls ,she was so wet it was like a hot knife through butter . We both gasped our way to a silent and extremely rapid orgasm ,we were like animals silently rutting in the dark as I unloaded into her I shook ,grabbing handfulls of hair as I drained myself completely ,one thing was clear we would fucking again .As she crept away I listened to the silence ,realising we had been observed Ashley was grinning from the lounge ,blowing a kiss she retired upstairs ensuring her mother was safely back in bed .