Written by 1st time undies

9 Oct 2007

I have been dressing in my OH undies for a while, and decided to get some of my own to save having to wash hers every time I had cum over them.

I went to a small adult shop near to where I work during my lunch break, I was looking at the suspender belts and thongs when the assistant came over and asked if I need any help, I told her what I was looking for and she asked me "what size is she", I just replied "oh no they are for me", she just said OK I think I have this, this and this in your size holding up 3 different styles.

I pointed to a red and black set and said I like that one, so she went out the back and brought the outfit to me. She then asked if I would like to try them on, which surprised me a little, but I said OK she the opened a door to what was an office, and said you can try them on in here. everything fitted o so I got redressed and went back into the main part of the shop where there was another girl behind the counter, she asked if everything fitted OK and said the other woman had gone to get something else for me. When the 1st woman returned she held up a very sexy Basque and said " I think you would look good in this" pop out the back and try it on, I said I didn't think I would be able to get it on and she just took my hand and led me into the office, she closed the door and said "let me help you, take your clothes off and I will get you into it".

So I stripped naked and she put the Basque round me, did up all the clips the gave me the lace thong to put on and then some black stockings which she clipped onto the suspenders.

I stood up and she said "now that looks good, how feel" I said that it felt good and she replied "yes I can see that you like it" and put her hand on my cock and started rubbing it, then she just dropped to her knees pulled my cock out of my undies and sucked cock.

Now I would like to say that I lasted ages, but I was so turned on that I came after only a couple of minutes, but she didn't flinch when i said I was gonna come, and just swallowed the lot, wiped her had across her mouth, and said "I will leave you to get dressed.

5 minutes later she was putting all my new undies into a bag and just said "thank you very much, do call again"

I will be going back again soon for some more bits soon.

this is 100% true, and i would not have posted if it had not been