Written by Laura

16 Mar 2018

Hiya yesterday March 15th I got the bus to Truro, the vibrations on the way got me a tiny bit excited. I was wearimg leggings a T shirt and jumper and a coat. I kinda looked at my phone and tried not to let it get to me. Then 20 minutes later I notice I cant stop moving my hips with out people sat in front of me and behind me I tried not to make it obvious. I finally get to Truro and feel a little wet. I went and got myself a subway and eat that (I was starving) I start my clothes shopping trip at primark. I got a few bits and as I was walking around I could feel myself getting wetter so I was choosing more clothes. I felt like I was going red aswell so I went into the changing room. Then I took my coat off and looked in the mirror as I pulled my leggings to my knees I looked at my knickers and their was a massive wet patch they was pink cotton pair with a bow. They are cute. It was then I just started to slowly play with myself I could here other people talking it was exciting. Then I took my leggings off and just standing with my feet right under the door with my knickers around my ankles. I was so horny I forgot people could see under the door. I was brethung heavy at this point a women went into the one next to me. I was trying to be quite and I slipped out a moan then another moan. Then I cummed it went all over the floor amd my legs and my knickers so gathard myself together and then took a new pair of knickers and put my old ones back on the hanger left the stuff and got out of their and ended up getting the bus home lol in show what I had done but it was amazing hehehe xx