Written by txt

30 Nov 2013

This is a tail of deceit, it is a Saturday morning my wife had her heir done I am waiting

She comes out and looks up and down the street looking for the car I am down the road a bit

Sue is 36 quite tall and slim a really nice figure her bust is a 38 with a c-cup as she comes towards me she looked a pitcher she has a flat tummy pronounced hips that give a wait line if looking from the back her bum is rounded and tight, I have seen lots of black men admiring it, as she gets nearer to the car the sun is behind her more, I could see the gap at the top of thighs where her crouch is she wearing a tight jumper top and stretch jeans

She one of them women that use the right amount of makeup never to much and with the heir done she looked fabulous,she was going out with her friend I know a little wired doing all that jest for a girls night out but this where the story starts

A number of years ago we had a problem Sue had an affair, I found out well the shit hit the fan all hell was let lose we separated for a short time, in the end we made up. and things have been fine ever since,then it must of been over a year ago now Sue got friendly with this Amanda, she never struck me as being her type when looking at her other friends Amanda is I would guess in her very late forties hard to say exactly, she seem friendly enough towards me but I get that feeling she don't really like me

I don't think she is married but once we meet her with a guy he was a bit wired

Over the last few months she been going out with her and not so much the friends she used to go around with,also there is the way Amanda dress some time trouser suits or more business type of closes mostly black or dark not very feminine some but she is older

Its like now my wife has put some effete into getting ready for this evening and at the end of the day its a girls night out, not that special okay they like to look nice

Also this is not the first time, I keep telling myself not to be stupid but I keep thinking when she she strayed last time she used to get dolled up to go out but that was to meet friends and she was really going to see a bloke, she used her friends as a cover and that's how I found out, she couldn't be doing that now almost always Amanda comes and picks her up and brings her home nearly always so it point to them going out

That evening Amanda turns up and she comes in she asks if I have any thing planed what am I doing small talk Sue is ready as they are about to go she pecks me on the cheek and said don't wait up we going to be late almost as they went out the door and they where gone I have never been a jealous sort or a controlling husband, after what happened all the time ago I have never really forgotten it I have forgiven my wife but its left me suspicious in some ways I used to look for sighs she was up to some thing but never got any so it did get forgotten about but now I was thinking on them lines but no that woman would go to that extent to cover for my wife no way, I once wondered if they where both at it together bloody hell what man would want to go out with Amanda oh that weirdo did

No she a bit to manly for most blokes and I don't think she be interested

Midnight came and went sod it I went to bed and all I know Sue was in bed next morning

We got up she made Sunday morning breakfast as we ate it I asked did she have a good time and where did they go she said oh we had a meal then a pub and on to a club that why we where late,I asked jest the two of you she poured then added no we meet some mates

Changed the subject say are we here for lunch or going out

As time past it was a regular thing most weekend then it started to be mid week some times but never to late in the week, its funny when some thing gets regular it tend to become normal, I fund myself asking what time are going out things like that I was going to football by then that had started so in a way Saturday afternoons I would would not be there and it was nice not to get hassle about that or having a drink after the match I was even going to away games no problems

Well it was away match I go with two mates we got a cheep hotel for a night one of my friends was going on about his missus given him shit about staying away it was a day I took my car, well it was six o clock in the morning he was banging on my room to wake me up he said his missus been on the phone say one of the kids was ill he got to go home

Well this is okay but I had a drink the night before any way I took a risk and I drove

It was a god couple of hours drive by the time I dropped the other two off and got home it was gone nine my wife didn't expect me till mid day at lest

As I pulled in there was Amanda's car a bit strange I went in the back door and there they where in the kitchen , it was a surprise to see me home Sue was shocked to say the least, what surprised me was how they where both dressed my wife was in her dressing gown but it was obvious she had very little or nothing under it and she always sleep in a nightdress or similar, Amanda was wearing another of my wife's dressing gowns that was plainly to small and she was naked under it despite her efforts to hide the fact

I think both women where embarrassed my wife snapped what are you doing home as if I was in the wrong,as I started to explain Amanda was making an exit in doing so she gave me an almost full frontal as she stood up she had quite largo breasts with really big nipples her pubic area there was a dark trimmed bush shaved into a vi above her vagina she realized what I had seem and blushed,for some reason Sue seemed angry with me for coming home, she stormed out shouting I am getting dressed

The whole thing left me bewildered as to what was happening there is nothing wrong with Amanda staying her, she came down dressed and went, then my wife she had calmed down now

I asked what was wrong, she said you embarrassed Amanda to which I said I don't know she was here and I don't mind if she says her we have a spear room made up, any way it seemed to sort its self out

It the afternoon I thought I get on with decorating one of the bedrooms I has started on

We have four bedrooms the small one well its been used as a stuffy the other I am working on the other had a bed made up, I went in there to get some thing, and the bed looked as it always did in fact I left a box on it and it was still there, at the time I didn't think much of it, it was in the evening the penny dropped, I asked where did Amanda sleep

I was told in the spear bedroom, as I watch the telly I thought that funny why would she make the bed and put the box back on it, I let it go

I was thinking about this in the week, maybe they shared our bed and my wife didn't want to say,the one thing I knew my was any thing but lesbian I still had in my minded was she fucking about with a bloke on the nights out

A few weeks past, and Sue was out it was mid week, I was in the kitchen and thought dam my phone in the car I need to charge it, so I went out the back door as I got to the front of the house there was Amanda's car with my wife they looked like they where talking, Sue opened the door the light came on, then she leaned back in and they kissed not a peck on the cheek this was a kiss

I stood there amazed shocked, I went back to the kitchen, Sue came in looked as normal in fact quite happy, she looked at and said are you okay you look pale, I managed to say I am bit under the weather I think I go to bed, I did when Sue came up she though I was asleep I think she got into bed and turned the other way and went to sleep it was a sleepless night for me, I got u[p early as she came down I was leaving, she said your early how do you feel now, I managed a okay they want me in early and left

Not a good day I made an excuse to go home in the afternoon, at home for some reason I though I have a look round as far as I could see it was normal then I found one of the dower in the cheater a dowers was locked it was under her knicker dower I didn't think we had any keys for it we must have, the back was loose a tug got it off by pulling the top dowers open i could see in the locked on I was not expecting what I saw