Written by katie

18 Apr 2007

I met my sexy boyfriend a few years ago, we started off by sending really suggestive texts to each other - we were just friends for a few years before that, even though i fancied the arse off him. He was really experienced in the world of swinging, and i made out by text that i was well up for it - even though it scared the knickers off me.

He started me off gently by picking me up from the office at lunch time and taking me to a well known "beauty spot". We led on the grass and i started by giving him a blowjob, it felt amazing, the fresh air on our bodies and knowing anyone could see us at any time. He insisted that i stripped down to my black silky underwear, i was so nervous - but had to do it. He was telling me to start touching myself, i was shocked at how wet i had become but i was so, so horny i couldn't stop.

I was really starting to lose myself when he told me someone was watching - i was like a little startled rabbit. He kept stroking my hair and reassuring me that it was fine, in fact he said he's quite good looking - do you want me to get him over? I was truly terified, but the thought of this man with his cock out, wanking over the sight of us turned me on more than the fear would stop me. I whispered 'yes'.

This guy of about 40 came over and sat beside us, he too was obviously experienced in the ways of this particular area.He was so gentle, well mannered and asked before touching! He really put me at ease. My boyfriend handed him a condom and while i was on all fours sucking my boyfriends' rock hard cock, he eased his huge dick into my wet, desperate, aching pussy. The two of them took me to heaven and back, taking it in turns to fuck me and lick me and had me cumming over and over. The climax (so to speak) was our new friend licking my boyfriends cum out of my pussy - oh my god, so horny just thinking about it.

My boyfriend is bi and so was our friend, and i loved the sight of them wanking each other as well. My boyfriend went from licking my clit to licking this guys balls as he fucked me. A perfect threesome!

We met him a few times after that, and he was a great introduction to swinging/dogging. From that i've progressed to being tied up and fucked in dungeons of swingers clubs and adore being bent over a huge bed in Chameleons and fucked repeatedly by lots of eager cocks.

So glad i replied to those naughty texts!! If anyone out there wants to try swinging, but is too nervous - give it a go, it blew my mind!