Written by Mike

28 Jun 2017

After years of dreaming about my wife having another man it finally happened. We went on holiday to Greece earlier this year, staying in a small but friendly hotel. On arriving at the hotel to check in I noticed that Filippe the elder of the two brothers that owned the hotel was staring at my wife Julie. When we were shown to our room i mentioned this to her but the reply was that he was just been friendly. I noticed that when we were around the hotel pool area where Julie was mostly wearing her bikini that Filippe was very attentive towards her. On the Saturday night we decided to stay around the hotel as there was a barbecue and music on. We got ready as normal me in shorts and shirt and Julie put on a skirt and top which showed off her tanned legs and the cleavage of her 36dd breasts. The barbecue was very good there were 16 people present and there was plenty to drink so everyone was getting into the party mood as the music played and couples danced. Now i am not a good dancer but do give it a go to please Julie but after a while i had to admit defeat and sit down. Julie danced with some of the other people present, women and the odd man. Julie is normally quiet shy and reserved when at home but tonight with all the wine she had consumed she was getting into the spirit of the party atmosphere. Around midnight Filippe asked Julie to dance and if I minded, I said go ahead so Julie accepted his offer. After the first dance the music was toned down to a slow dance upon where Filippe took Julie into hold and smooched around the courtyard. I don't know if anyone else noticed but I saw Filippe's hands moving down Julie's back and settling just above her bum, normally my shy wife would have moved them but to my surprise she just carried on dancing. It wasn't long before Filippe manouvered Julie to the far corner of the courtyard where it was darker but I could still see that his hands were now fully on her bum then almost straight away he moved his left hand upwards and brushed the side of her breast, again Julie just carried on. After the dance had finished Julie sat back at the table where we talked and I teased her about the attention Filippe had been paying her with his hands, Julie said he was just trying his luck and that nothing was going to happen. As the other guests drifted off to bed we were the only ones left sat talking when Filippe came over and offered us a nightcap on the house to which we accepted. The music was turned down very low as were the lights so as not to disturb the other guests, all the other staff had left so there was just us two and Filippe who was finishing off the tidying up. Julie asked me for one last dance and when Filippe overheard me complaining he stepped in and said he would dance with her. As I said before the music and lights were low so as my shy wife and Filippe smooched away I sat back and took in the atmosphere. It wasn't long before Filippe was trying his luck with his hands again and Julie didn't object. Eventually he became bolder with his hands now fondling Julie's breast but then she removed them. He then whispered something in her ear before placing his hands back onto the sides of her breasts where this time she didn't move them. Now i have for years wanted to watch my wife with another man so I just relaxed and watched to see how far Julie would let this go. The dancing carried on and Filippe was now getting braver with his hands and was also kissing Julies neck, In what seemed like an instant I saw that his hands were now under her top and they were engrossed in a full on kiss. Now i was about to put a stop to all this before anyone else came and saw what was happening, but then Filippe smooched Julie over to the far corner where the open shed that housed all the sunbed cushions was, there he carried on his smooching and fondling. I was in a quandry whether to stop it but my now fully erect cock was telling me to let it carry on. Before long Julies top was removed along with her bra and i will never forget the sight of Filippe fondling and kissi ng Julies breasts. Filippe gently layed her down on the cushions where he then removed his shorts promptly followed by Julies knickers. They kissed frantically and explored each others bodies before Filippe offered Julie his erect member to her mouth which she immediately accepted it sucking and kissing it while he turned her around so he could give her the same treatment. I now moved over closer so i could get a better view. Julie then stopped as she saw me and whispered sorry, I just smiled winked and gave her the thumbs up to carry on. Filippe then turned her over and entered her pussy from behind where he proceeded to fuck her while fondling her swaying breasts. Julie was now pushing back to meet his thrusts and was telling him to fuck her. Never before had I seen my wife like this but I was enjoying watching her take Filippe's cock and it wasn't long before Julie was enjoying her orgasm, Fillipe then pulled out as his own orgasm neared, he erupted his sperm all over Julie's arse before they both collapsed onto the cushions beneath them. I waited for the privacy of the bedroom before Julie and I talked about what happened and then fucked each other like never before. Unfortunately nothing else happened the rest of the holiday but I hope I don't have to wait too long before she does it again.