Written by hintofhandsome1

21 Dec 2011

My much older lover was a perfect match for me as I found myself willing to participate in anything he wanted and he became anxious not to loose me as he had found someone willing to join him fulfill his secret desires.

He liked watching me have sex with other men and we decided to go to a toilet he told me had a double gloryhole in the middle cubicle and would guarantee plenty of cock. When we got there the car park had several cars in with people waiting in them and as we walked toward the toilet I got nervous as I heard men getting out and following us. He told me not to worry and he would look after me.

He had already dressed me in suspender belt black seamed stockings and tiny panties over which I had a track suit and top. just outside he told me to take my tracksuit off and walk in in my undies. As I walked in I could just see in the moonlight there were several men already in there the sexy comments I got made me hard and I felt their cocks as they stood round me. There was no point in going into a cubicle as my cock was already being sucked and several men were feeling my bum cheeks and one was sucking my nipple. One man pushed my head down and a hard cock was soon in my mouth. There was silence as the other men watched as I slurped and slobbered all over this decent size prick. I knew I had him as his cock swelled and his breathing got loud and with a groan he shot his first string of cum in my mouth I pulled him out of my mouth and he shot the rest of his load over my face. I stood up and as the men watched put the cum on my fingers and licked them clean then took another lot and rubbed it between my bum cheeks. I had learnt that nothing turns a middle aged man on more then watching and feeling another mans cum.

Almost immediately another man moved behind me tucked his cock under my panties and dry humped me while slapping my bum as he did this I bent over and took another cock in my mouth. The man behind groaned and deposited a huge load of thick cum into my panties. He did not shoot it just kept dribbling out and I could feel some of it escaping and dripping down my thigh. The next man pulled my panties to one side and pushed his cock through the cum and because he was so lubricated slid right up me with no resistance or pain. He lasted about 2 minutes and with a heave shot up me, pulled out and was gone. He was instantly replaced by another smaller cock and he fucked me hard for several minutes while the other men watched. His body was slapping into mine as he held me tight and he clasped me round the waist as he slumped over my back shooting loads more cum into me. I was so intent on feeling the man cumming in me I stood up after he pulled out not realising I had a mouthful of cum, My mouth was slightly open and as I stood it all dribbled out down my face and this sparked of the rest of the men. My silver fox told me i sucked four more man and two more fucked me but even better sat least five shot cum over me and I still had my panties on!!

He made me walk back to the car without dressing and I could feel the cum running down my body and out of my bum. He had put a blanket over the passenger seat and he drove for a while with my seat down and he was running his hands over my cum streaked body. We drove into a picnic area and he pulled me out and tearing off his clothes while looking at me in the moonlight. He rubbed his naked body in all the cum while I held him feeling his cock rubbing over me. As I held onto the side of the car he put his cock in me right up to the hilt then pulled right out. He then let more cum ooze over his cock then slid it back in again, He did this several time until he lost control and grasping my shoulders he pushed himself as hard up me as possible then with a moan unleashed his cum with many spurts into me. I had never had so much cum from him and he told me it was the best night so far and he wanted to repeat it again soon.