26 Mar 2018

After what had occurred with my ex , our sex life got really good some I will relay to you later , but after having our usual Sunday morning shag , I asked her you really do love cock don't you ? She turned to me and said it was my exs fault , although I'm grateful he opened my eyes to sex , but it wasn't always that way , I asked her why , she said you might be in for another shock , why I said , she said he was my first real boyfriend and I loved him to bits , and I moved in with him , things were great for a few months until his gambling and drinking took over , he lost his job and took it out on me , and wanted me to give him money for his habits if I didnt he would get cross and shout at me , then one night I was in bed and I was awoken by someone climbing in bed with me , I switched the bedside table light on and it was a bloke I'd never seen before , at that moment my ex entered the room and stood by the door and I said what's going on , the stranger said I've paid for you , I looked at my ex he looked down at the floor and then left the room , as I said before I loved my ex so I put up with drink smelling bloke mauling and groping me , but after a while I found it exciting and I enjoyed another cock in me , he never said a word during the sex only thing was his groan as he released his load in me , after that night it became a regular occurrence but I was starting to enjoy it ,and looked forward to who was going to shag me next ... but I ended our relationship when he hit me one night in a drunken outburst . I haven't and don't want to see him again , so there you are you have a slut for a wife , she reached down between my legs and said that turned you on didnt it feeling my now erect again cock , she started wanking me and saying if you want me to shag anyone I will do , I was trying to hold back I didn't want to cum , she said would you mind if I tell you that I have or want to shag someone , with that I let out a muffled noooo as I shot my second load of the morning morning