Written by Simple really

7 Aug 2008

Keeping it short.

My works mini bus is a mercedes luxury thing.

We were on our way back home having dropped off clients and i thought she was asleep in the back.

She asked me to pull over which i did thinking \"nature calls\".

I turned to ask if she was ok . She was absolutely fine. She had revealed a short \"secretary dress\" with stockings and high heels. Her hair was pulled tight and the glasses set of the image that every boss would love to see in the morning.I had managed to stop in the lay by and she took me into the back of the van.

The calm sophisticated look hid the very serious intent to get what she wanted and soon we were wrapped up in a self indulgent encounter as cars passed.She took me in her mouth and slowly sucked me hard.

She lay back across a seat and spread those oh so fine legs on the tops of the two seats beside her.

I pulled her panties aside not wanting to spoil the perfect packaging. i entered her slowly and indulged in the soft clammy warmth of her body. She issued short simple instructions and was soon writhing and demanding I fill her deep and hard.

I did as she asked ramming home to a very satisfactory climax ,which i would dare to say we both enjoyed.

We straightened ourselves up and this time she sat in the front beside me.

The legs were long and shapely and she sat with her heels on the dash board continually showing me stocking top and arching her back so her fantastic breasts were straining the dress.

We travelled about 20K when she said she would like to have another shot.

We stopped briefly in another lay by to have a look at the stars as it was actually an incredibly clear night and as we looked we had a little \" feel about\" establishing that all systems were again \"go\".

I drove another couple of miles where I stopped in a layby with a bench.

I was thinking we are here to fuck but how elegantly the lady got onto the bench. She spread those adorable legs and invited me in. On entering she squeezed hard and we slowly got into a very smooth and deep rhythm.

We were on that bench for 15 fantastic minutes before we timed it perfectly. She clamped her legs round my back and pulled me in hard . She took her orgasm and wrapped it round my straining cock and she forced me into cumming . Long and easy. Star light and sex.

What a great way to finish a long day