7 Nov 2017

Fondly remembering my best sex session which was when I split up from someone. She was a lovely girl, gorgeous blue eyes, great smile and a fabulous body (best bum I’ve had the pleasure of). Sadly we came to an end but not before going out with one last hurrah.

We both knew what each other liked so we kissed and touched each other’s bodies. I remember gently licking her inner thighs softly and slowly before sliding a finger inside her and finding her so damp. I slipped her knickers slowly down and she opened her legs for me. My cock was yearning to be inside her and we both moaned as I slowly entered her, sliding deeper and deeper by the inch. We were soon locked together and I could feel my balls rubbing against her bum. I was getting faster when she moaned with her first orgasm.

After this orgasm subsided she climbed on top of me. My cock has never been bigger and she let out a huge sigh as she slid down on me. Her back arched and her tits pointed to the ceiling. I cupped from underneath before sliding my fingers down to her legs and then onto her ass. She rode me like I’ve never been ridden before and used me for her pleasure. Her pussy lips were engorged as she slid up and down on my shaft before changing speed and moving back and forth in my pubic bone very fast. Her moans became whimpers and I touched her clit as she rode me harder, sending her to her second orgasm.

She turned around so her bum faced me as she rode me again and quickly reached her next orgasm. We’d been fucking each other hard for about half an hour by now and I knew I wasn’t far off myself I asked her to get on all fours and she willingly obliged, sticking her gorgeous bum in the air for me and her shoulders were on the bed. I savoured this view one last time and teased her with my cock at her pussy entrance. I slid into her in one go and we started fucking harder and faster. It felt so good and I could see her bum cheeks going red as we pounded together. I knew I was cumming and pulled out just in time to spurt my hot cum down her back and over her arse cheeks. Great sex and thank you for the fond memories x