Written by choirboy

27 Nov 2015

My wife Liz is in a choir and has enjoyed the social side of being in a group for some years now. Recently she had been on line with a former member who had left a couple of years previously and not been seen around by anyone. It appears his wife had passed away and he had not plucked up the courage to rejoin, fearful of the possibility of outpourings of sympathy for his loss so he had stayed away and regretted the isolation. He said how nice her profile picture looked saying he had followed her on facebook through the choir activities and he was also a 'friend' signed up when he was a member and they had all been on tour together.

Liz told me this one night in bed and I wondered if she was fishing for a reaction, so with a hardening cock, I cuddled up and asked if she was interested in seeing him as her comments warranted a reply from me. She asked if I objected and of course I said no as we enjoyed the ability for her to take lovers or have one night stands if she fancied someone enough to allow them to bed her. So as I probed my hard on into her bum, she snuggled back and said that I seem keen that she should. A sexy interlude where I envisaged her being impaled on his cock in a soon to be arranged meeting with him.

His name was Maurice and he lived about four miles away in the next town. A bus route linked the two so a few drinks and being able to still get back home after a bit of fun was not a difficult situation, plus her car would not be seen by anyone local to us if it was on his drive. Plans were made after several communications between them, each one building inuendo and fantasies which I was quite surprised to see containing promises of fun a few days later. The plan was for Liz to call at his house and have a few drinks for 'old times sake'. They knew each other quite well having been on the choir committee together and therefore Liz knew his house as it had hosted some of the meetings. Liz also knew he had the hots for her as he often sat next to her or was seen staring when having a cup of tea at the end of practice. Liz is forty two and has a lovely size twelve figure with a trim tummy, flat and alluring. Her breasts are 32EE, and she loves dressing sexily.

On the night she was due to call at his house, she had returned home from work and I cooked the meal while she had a soak in the bath and prepared for her visit. I had a rummage through her undies drawer and laid out my idea of what I wanted her to wear. A red and black tartan kilt which was rather short I admit. A white blouse which had a scooped neck and exposed plenty of cleavage. A white bra and thong and white suspender belt and black stockings, newly bought by me from Ann Summers. It was a Wednesday and the bus was due to leave around eight pm she was almost late as she spent quite a while on doing her make up which she hardly needed but looked stunning nevertheless. At five to eight she emerged looking very sexy. She had a coat to cover the provocative clothing which would leave Maurice in no doubt as to the fun intended to take place. Her stockings were clearly visible so the coat was a good idea in case someone she knew got on the bus which luckily did not happen. She facebooked him as promised and said she would see him shortly.

I kissed her and said I hoped she had fun. Her wry smile told me she definitely intended to do exactly that. Maurice was waiting for her, his house very close to the bus stop, very handy. He welcomed her in and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and asked if he could take her coat. His intake of breath as she handed it to him and the cleavage almost climbing out of her bra rivetted his gaze. Then he saw her stocking tops and he was lost for words. Liz said she was happy to see him at last and gave him a kiss in return. he ushered her through into a small but cosy lounge where his log burner warmed the place invitingly. She made a comment that it was warm enough for her to have worn her bikini and he said she would have been very welcome if she had but she looked gorgeous in the clothes she had, very gorgeous in fact. He got her a glass of wine and poured one himself and they sipped it sitting opposite each other in wing backed chairs. Liz used the opportunity to allow him the sight of her stocking tops and her white thong, a view he was constantly caught staring at in the dimmed light of the room.

Allowing her kilt to ride up by sliding gently lower in the seat, her suspender belt came into view to his utter delight. Maurice asked if she minded standing closer to him near the fire. She knew what was coming and she said he was a dirty old bugger, then lowered her head and kissed him on the lips and stood where he wanted. He ran a hand up the back of her kilt and over her stockings, ever upwards, onto her white thong and across her bared bum as he lifted the kilt and looked at her lower torso, her flat tummy and shapely legs and thighs. His breathing was heavy and excited, her flesh soft and yielding and also very receptive as she moved her bum towards his hands, giving herself without saying a word.

Nothing was said as the kilt was discarded, the silence a perfect foil for the occasion as she felt herself becoming increasingly ready to be fucked by this older man, some fifteen years her senior, but a gentleman and obviously a very keen lover of sex. The silence continued as if words would break the spell. Her blouse was unbuttoned slowly and dropped alongside her kilt. He said she was perfect. She continued to allow his hands to roam across her body and underwear. He drank in every curve, touching gently and raising her passion, her thong becoming soaked and his fingers were slaked with her juice. Her bra was removed with reverence and her breasts stroked and praised. The thing was drawn down as slowly as he could but with trembling fingers he drew them to his face when they were off and he sniffed them deeply with a moan of appreciation, saying she smelt wonderful.

Naked in the glow of the firelight sh let him finger her and touch her body all over, he stroked and gently tickled her and she let him feast on her sight, she told me it felt as though he was praising her with his eyes and she worried that he might not perform, merely ogle her and she would be disappointed. A second glass of wine and then he undressed himself apologising that he wanted to get himself naked as he might just ruin things prematurely but it had been so long since he had been with a woman. Once he was naked, she stroked his cock, which was about the same as my seven inches, but his cock had a more pronounced bend in it and was a touch thicker. He was circumcised too so she was going to feel a very different experience to me. They sat naked in their chairs and he started talking dirty to her saying how lovely her cunt was and how he loved her tits. Liz said his cock looked fabulous and she was looking forward to him fucking her and shooting his spunk inside her. He was very excited at her talking dirty and he said so. Apparently his wife would not entertain such words and she had been a bit of a prude. He asked of her private life and she let him finger her while she told him of a few of her adventures and let him know I was in full knowledge of their meeting this very evening. He was intrigued and got very excited when she said I liked her going home with someone else's spunk in her for me to clean out of her.

He said he wanted to finish the bottle of wine and then fuck if she was happy and then he told her of his dreams of sex with another woman after all this time but he was almost afraid that he would explode too soon. Liz said that maybe he should offload and then she would help get him hard again and then they could fuck another day, or a bit later if he could recover. He asked if she would suck him as his wife would not do it ever. She agreed and within a couple of strokes of her tongue he shot over her face and hair, a thick gooey mass of cum, he almost expired as he shot it and Liz said the force was quite impressive and his cum a bit strong in taste but not too off putting.

He cried with relief and sobbed for a while saying how he had missed the sex and how he felt fabulous and almost dirty for getting her to his house with such dirty thoughts in his mind. Liz said it was natural and though she was not a therapist she felt it had done him good to release himself. She cleaned him up with her mouth and then went to the bathroom and wiped her face clean then went back downstairs to Maurice and they cuddled up and she began to get him hard again. They finished up in bed a half hour later and he managed to come in her in a fairly tame effort at sex. he apologised for going off so quickly but asked if she would return again on Friday if she was not busy. Friday is right now and she is with him again, having sent me a text to say he had fucked her and lasted a lot longer and she is going to stay the night.

You don't get that kind of therapy on the NHS