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Singles night at the spa

"A swinging evening at the spa"

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It was a nice sunny afternoon so I decided to head to the spa a little earlier than normal so I could read my book as I sunbathed. As soon as I undressed I headed to the garden, found a sun bed, laid my towel down and relaxed. It was a little cloudy so I didn’t worry about sunscreen initially but as the clouds started to disappear I thought I’d better. I went to find my sun cream. I applied it to my front knowing I was being watched as I did. There was a nice looking guy quite near me sitting on the edge of the decking. I think he must’ve been a little shy because his towel was wrapped around his waist. We exchanged a few words and then I settled back to read again. The sun felt wonderful on my naked body. It was so hot to know that I was being watched. Each time I looked up from my book, eyes were on me. As time moved on I thought I will have to turn over and lie on my front but I would definitely need some help putting the cream on my back. Would I find the courage to ask for help, the guy on the decking seemed friendly. Maybe I could chat to him again, try and see if he did like me. After another little exchange I was fairly confident that he liked me so I plucked up the courage. I asked if he could do me a favour and put some sun cream on my back. He readily agreed. I lied down and he generously sprayed my back and bum. Then he asked if I’d like him to massage it in. To which of course I said yes. He then proceeded to give me an extremely sensual massage. Giving thorough attention to my back and shoulders before moving down to my buttocks and thighs. His hands felt good on my naked body. Exciting as his hands brushed in between my thighs. I wanted more but I was enjoying the moment. Knowing that we were undoubtedly being watched as his hands moved their attention to my lower legs and feet, he didn’t miss a spot. He came back up to my back, running his hands all the way up my body as he did. I was so relaxed. He worked his way down to my buttocks again and I parted my legs slightly. He took the hint and his hand was on my pussy, my clit, to know that this was happening in front of a busy garden was such a turn on. Suddenly his fingers were inside me, I gasped as silently as I could. I didn’t want to draw too much attention. The massage continued for a few minutes after which he told me that everyone was watching us. He then asked if I wanted to go to a room. I did but I didn’t want everyone following so I suggested we go for a steam first. He followed me to the steam room. There were a couple of guys already in there and he sat down beside me. A few other guys soon followed and it was fairly full in there. My new friend started to rub my thigh, I could tell there were a couple of them who were enjoying as he gently stroked one thigh then the other. Brushing his hands gently over my bush as he did so. The guy the other side of me was man spreading which was a shame because I wanted to open my legs a little but I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea and think it was a signal to play. One guy was already wanking and I could see others were hard, enjoying the little show in front of them. Clearly wanting to get his hands on my pussy my friend pulled my leg up across his lap giving him easier access. The guy next to me was now wanking too as my friend fingered me. After a few minutes he came in his hand and left the steam room. I took this opportunity to raise my other foot onto the bench not only giving a great view for our remaining audience but also a better angle for penetration. Another guy moved closer and was touching my raised foot and leg as he wanked. This was so hot and I was so horny because he was playing with my boobs now too, sucking and nibbling. If it wasn’t frowned upon I would have happily fucked him there in the steam room but I like being here and I didn’t want to be asked to leave. So I whispered and suggested we get the room now, he eagerly agreed. Fortunately the room was free so we went in and barricaded the door. I removed my towel and we kissed, oh this was going to be good. A sensual passionate kiss is always a promising sign. His hands were all over my body and I reached for his magnificent BBC. Oh my this was going to feel good inside me, he had girth and length. I knelt down so I could suck this beautiful hard cock. It felt good in my mouth. I licked and sucked while he groaned. I looked up at him, making eye contact as I slid my lips up and down his shaft. I smiled up at him as ran my tongue up and down him, cupping his balls, then placing them in my mouth, one by one, sucking gently as I did. I licked them, all over and then underneath, again looking at the pleasure on his face. Then I loved my tongue further down to that special place that you all love to be licked, he flinched in pleasure as I did and then moaned again. I would have sucked him more but he pushed me back on the bed getting ready to eat me out. He licked my pussy hungrily, turning me on even more than I already was, I came with ease and then he started to finger me again. Finding that wonderful angle that makes me cum and gush so readily. After I came for him he leant down and savoured my juices, licking them all up. He repeated this another 2/3 times. He said he wanted me nice and wet before he put his cock in me but I assured him I was very ready to welcome him inside my warm, juicy, wet pussy. He put on a condom and entered me while holding my legs off the edge of the bed. Oh god I cried, this felt wonderful. He thrust his full length inside me, it felt just as good, if not better than I hoped. He kept telling me how amazing my pussy felt and I assured him his cock felt wonderful to me. I was still a little tender from my not so lazy Sunday and I was just on the limit of what I could take. I asked him to go steady as I loved the feeling but just needed him to be a little more gentle. I was moaning and crying out in pleasure. I came and came in waves, it was so good but my legs were aching so I asked him if we could both be on the bed. He laid on top of me and we resumed, first with him kissing me in a classic missionary and then he raised my legs in the air making me scream again. I was very aware of how much noise I was making but this was too good to try and hold back, especially here where people knew exactly what was going on and I had no neighbours to worry about. So I just let myself go with it, every last screaming orgasm was wonderful. My body was starting to tire and then he lent back down to kiss me. Slowly at first to match the pace of his thrusts then gradually increasing his pace he stopped kissing me and looked at me. I thought he was close, the intensity was growing, he came down for an occasional kiss as he got harder and faster. I could see on his face this was going to happen soon. He cried out as he came, kissing me too. Despite the condom I could still feel him release. Afterwards he kept telling me how wonderful it was. He said he was there regularly on a Monday. I really hope so because that’s an experience I would love to repeat. This was not the end of my Monday night fun but I will leave the rest for part 2
Written by Bigbustedmilf

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