Written by johncristo

5 Jan 2010

So as to know where we left off, you need to see the first part of this continuation six doors up 1

Alma was so excited and got her mobile and asked for my number again. Once the message was left and the text done I felt more at ease. It was then that Alma said just to prove that we are genuine I’m going to text hubby as to what we are about to do. Within about 5 minutes all was done and she said lets put the cam on and say to the camera what we have done already, she jumped up set it away and then said hubby darling this is who’s just fucked me rotten and is going to fuck me again and we are going to act out my fantasy so the next part of this video is for you and me to watch when you get home, but your in for a treat darling as this mans got the biggest cock I’ve ever had, she then blew him a kiss as she walked to wards the camcorder and switched it off. She then said she was going upstairs to change into a dress and things and why didn’t I watch more of the DVD. I have to say I learned a lot before she came back down and it gave me a few ideas as to what I would do with her. Eventually she came down wearing a fantastic looking dress with a split up the side showing she had hold-ups again and high heals she could hardly walk in, it wasn’t till she got closer that you saw a big stain on the side of the dress, she said this was a lovely dress until wine was spilt on it and the stain hadn’t come out after two dry cleaning attempts. She came over to me and planted a long kiss saying thank you for this and don’t worry I’m not setting you up and you can have a copy.

She then said she wanted to set the stage: she wanted us to start as if I had just come to visit knowing hubby was away and wanted me to start admiring her body and giving compliments as well as touch her leg and this is where she would resist and I started making advances towards her ripping her clothes off to get to her. She wanted me to take her any way I wanted and not to stop till I was satisfied. At first I was worried as to how far she wanted me to go but thought there wasn’t much apart from anal that was not done to her on the DVD.

So she said was I ready, she trusted me and wanted my cock again badly. She then got up and switched the camera on. She went to the cabinet and got a bottle of wine out and two glasses, she started off by saying so what brings you around as she sat next to me on the sofa as she poured the wine I seemed to go into acting mode and said well your hubby isn’t around and I thought you might be missing some cock. She then said look its over you have someone and I am not breaking up relationships. I then sipped my wine as I didn’t know what to say then said you can’t resist cock when it’s in front of you, I bet your soaking under that dress, lets see. I then grabbed her upper leg that was exposed through the split in the dress, she then slapped my hand and said get off your not coming round hear when you feel like it expecting me to fuck you. I said I think your gagging for it let’s have a feel of your pussy and see if its wet, then weal know if your putting an act on as the prim and proper lady you put out to others. I then grabbed her leg pushing her dress up, the split tore higher showing her hold-ups she was pushing me away saying stop it your not getting it, I then grabbed her head and forced a kiss telling her I’m going to fuck you, you teasing slut. She started calling me a bastard and although lightly started punching my chest acting it out as if it was real I grabbed the dress between her breasts and pulled her off the suite ripping it and showing one of her breasts, I then forced another kiss grabbing her tit, as we parted she put her lips to my ears and whispered this is wild now take me. I pulled her by the hair and made her get down on her knees bending her over that same coffee table, she tried to get up but I held her there and said, lets just feel that pussy, my hand went up her dress and I said your fucking loving this your soaking wet, you need my cock say it you bitch! No I don’t! She was saying get off as I released my cock from my pants, saying lets see if this changes your mind as I guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy, the position of the camera was perfect showing her dress around her waist and her tits hanging out of her dress and me pulling her hair to keep her still as I fed my cock up her in one long action, she then sighed as it went in and I said see you like my cock don’t you, she said yes you bastard but are you man enough to satisfy me! I then started to fuck her hard telling her I was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked, I must have been fucking her for at least 10 minuets with her moaning every time I hit my balls against her clit she started to shake and I new she was just about to cum I said come on bitch, cum! Lets see hear you squirt and see how your pussy flows with juices from that cunt of yours!! as I slapped her arse. She did, she went rigid like before as I kept fucking her and holding her hair, I bit gently on her ear lob and then it came, bloody hell did she cum, she shook to a massive orgasm for a good 5 minuets with my cock imbedded right up to the hilt, holding her there as she calmed down, I pulled out of her cunt and went round to her face and lifted her chin of the table and told her to suck my cock. As she started doing as she was told I pulled her dress over her shoulders, leaving her with just her hold-ups and high heals on. As she calmed down, I said now lets see you take this up your arse, she protested no please no I’ve had enough! I said I haven’t satisfied you yet! You have! You have! Well I’m not satisfied and not finished so do as your told, I lay her on her back and thought about the camera and turned her long ways so that her legs were facing the lens, I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and started to finger fuck her arse to make her relax for my cock, (the camera was only 6’ away) then I started to feed it up her she was screaming please no, no even my husband hasn’t been there as I kept pushing inside her then as I hit ground zero, I rested to let her get used to it and suddenly as I looked down she squirted again soaking our bodies and bucking against me, I then started to fuck her, she went wild and started saying that’s it fuck your bitch I did so but felt my self ready to cum after fucking her for a few minuets, I slipped out of her and decided to cum over her pussy and arse, two good squirts came hitting the target, I then rushed up to grab her hair so the remaining cum went over her face and tits as I wanked the remaining few drops out of me. She screamed again as I noticed her fingering herself to another orgasm and saw her shake. Come on girl that’s it cum let it go, she was on a high as I rubbed all my spunk into her pussy and arse and made her suck my fingers then I had another thought, I started to finger her pussy one then two three and decided to see if I could put my hole hand in, I told her to open her legs as wide as possible as she screamed as my hole hand was inside, once again and I don’t know where she had stored up so much fluid, but came again all over my hand, the walls of her pussy were pulsating as she came back down to earth. I slipped my hand out and kissed her clit and she nearly jumped of the table she was so sensitive.

We were panting as we lay against the suite sitting on the floor and forgot about the camcorder still recording. She looked up at me and said; thank you, you have made a fantasy come true that iv had for over 20 years. We seemed to finish the wine and fell asleep.

That is where we are at the moment and her husband is coming back tomorrow, so we will have to wait and see what his thoughts are.

Will let you know.