Written by jonascollins

17 Oct 2008

I work overseas for the last 5 years.

Although I have tried to make as many trips home as possible, I guess the strain proved to much for my marriage, and early on (indeed before I left) I was aware that my wife was having a series of affairs with other men.

Bonnie is a beautiful brunette, with superb legs and shapely figure. She is confident and flirtatious and manages a busy engineering office, so it was inevitable really.

To cope with her infidelities I would fantasize about what she was up to behind my back. I would content myself with frantically tossing off, when the phone would remain unanswered, or perhaps hearing a man’s voice, secretive giggling or a noisy party in the background when she did answer…

Gradually this progressed to my wearing her panties, babydoll and nylons, during my jerk off sessions. I shaved my body hair….All part of the feminised cuckold sissy fantasy I suppose….

However in the last 2 years she has gradually shut me out altogether, denied me sex and finally requested that we separate.

A few months back she introduced her new Italian boyfriend Marinos to everyone at a friends wedding, including my brother. He described Marinos as a good looking, in smart Italian suit with a Porsche.

He was shocked that she was so brazen arriving with him, and that they disappeared for an hour at the party, before leaving early for the hotel.

On my last trip home however things took an even more final and erotic humiliating turn however.

Bonnie announced that I was not welcome to stay anymore at our family home,

However since I was available she asked that I baby sit on Friday as she was going out for the evening.

I arrived at 7pm, but was shocked to find a Porsche in the driveway.

It was Marinos who answered the door.

Tall good looking and well built, he was dressed for the evening and obviously ready to take my wife out.

He said “you must be John, Bonnies former husband, come in…”

I felt three inches tall and my tummy was in knots as he offered me a drink and told me Bonnie was still dressing upstairs.

‘You know that we are living together now’ he told me.

“I love your wife dearly, and you are unable to provide for her emotionally or physically being away all the time…she has needs and I now fulfill them.”

Before I could reply, Bonnie could be heard coming down the stairs…

“Oh hi John” she breezed, “have you met Marinos then…” .

She was utterly beautiful in her clinging black minidress, her wonderbra bustline make up, dark sheer nylons, and 4 inch strappy sandals. Full make up and her long dark hair piled up.

I noticed the new sparkling diamond ring on her wedding finger.

My cock sprang to its full 6 inches at the sight of her…my beautiful wife living with and going out for the night with another man.

Don’t wait up she advised as they opened the front door. You must sleep in the spare room.

My last view was her dress riding up her thighs to reveal her stocking tops as she stooped to get into Marinos sports car.

She blew me a kiss and waved as he reversed out.

Fuck this can’t be happening I whispered to myself, but my straining cock and bulging panties told me it was no dream.

I am ashamed to admit I made a beeline for our bedroom. There I spent the evening trying on her new lingerie baby doll and panties and furiously jerking my rutting cock.

Finally frustrated and exhausted I slipped to the spare room and fell into a fitful sleep…

It was dark when I awoke to the sound of Bonnie whispering ‘We are home’ She then added ‘marinos is drunk and in bed’

‘I hope you are not angry’ she said. ‘Its nice to see you again’.

It was then I felt her hand slip beneath the bedsheets and gently cup my balls.

‘Oh you naughty boy you are still wearing my panties’ she giggled.’You never change’.

It was then she leaned over and kissed me. Gently at first, but then more eagerly.

The smell of her familiar perfume brought back a host of repressed sensuous memories of happier days together.

My cock rose eagerly under her firm ministrations, as she slipped the thin material to one side and began to firmly stroke it.

It was then she announced ‘There is something you should know’ .‘Marinos and I are getting married’

‘Actually we have to, because I have fallen pregnant by him…’

Though it felt like a dagger to hear this, my hips continued to rise and fall as she firmly pumped my tool.

I just moaned deeply with a mixture of lust, jealousy and humiliation.

I tried to rise but she pushed me forward in the bed, to an all fours position,.

‘Lets play one last time’ she whispered…’one last cum together’

With my swollen cock in her hand still she began milking me firmly. And smoothing my bum - still encased in her panties.

Then the cool and delightful sensation of her fingering my tight bum with moisturizer, pumping my dick all the while.

What do you think of Marinos she asked?

‘He seems like an arrogant bastard’ I managed to gasp in the darkness, ‘I cant believe you…’

It was then I felt my hips firmly gripped by manly hands as Bonnie quickly slipped my panties down my smooth thighs..

‘What the…’

‘Shut the fuck up you little sissy wanker’ hissed Marinos in the darkness.

Bonnie giggled and grabbed my cock again.

Before I could respond I felt 9 solid inches of cock glide up my back passage.

For the next 10mins Bonnie held me down as Marinos pounded into my ass.

‘Fuck yes you little queen you know how to take a cock in your ass just as we suspected’ hissed Marinos

‘I told you he preferred cock all along’ giggled Bonnie…

‘I have never seen him so hard’. She was right though, my stiff veiny cock said it all as she began to frantically masturbate me.

‘Oh darling enjoy your last cum with me’ she cooed in my ear.

That set Marinos off who grabbing my hips in his hands lifted me off the bed and rammed his cock balls deep into my ass, spewing his hot jets of spunk up my quivering bumhole.

‘Please No I shouted” but the sight of Bonnie looking up at me with her mouth wide open and closing over my cock head was too much.

Still impaled on his cock, I spurted 4,5 then 6 fast hot jets of cum into my wifes mouth as she squeezed my balls in a vice like grip.

I was surprised as she had never let me cum in her mouth before.

As I withdrew she rose up to my level took hold of my head and kissed me deeply and passionately.

Then her probing tongue broke through and my mouth was filled with my own familiar warm salty jism.

‘Drink spunk you cocksucking cuckold’ Marinos whispered in my ear as it slipped down my throat.

Bonnie pulled up my panties and Marinos let me fall back into the bed.

Goodbye John Bonnie said, let yourself out in the morning, we are having a lie in.

They left me and went to our room next door.

Before long the moaning started and the bedhead was banging.

I lay in the darkness, my panties at full stretch listening to my newly pregnant wife with her lover.